Hello, thanks for taking a look at my site.  I'm Wendy (1973 °), traveleraddict, foodie and bon vivant.  In 2017 I have been married for 20 years (OMG, I'm old enough for that?) to my soulmate and travel companion. Add in two great sons and a dog in and the picture is perfect. I have traveled around a lot over the years and played a long time with the idea to do something with all the information I gathered. Et voila, WorldWideWendy was born.

Through my blog, I take you with me on all my travels. Since good food is an important part of our trips, you can count on plenty of food tips. Occasionally my stories are a trip down memory lane. Luckily I was always quite keen in making photo albums so it’s easy to reconstruct our trips.   All practical information (hotels and restaurants) has been carefully checked and therefore still up to date. I am straightforward and critical (but not too much) so you can therefore expect honest reviews.

Wendy Gezin

What I take besides my family or my BFF Isabelle ALWAYS on a journey: my e-reader.   I grab every opportunity to read a few pages.

Hopefully my stories inspire you and give you the final push to book the journey you are dreaming about.

No idea where to start planning a trip? Or you want to share your travel experience with me and the worldwide web? Contact me at info@worldwidewendy.be

 Have a safe fligth,

Wendy Maes