The April school holidays offer the perfect opportunity for a relaxing family trip. You can take the kids to long-haul destinations to discover a new culture, spend the weekend in a beach paradise in the Caribbean, or seek an active break somewhere in Europe. Whatever your interests, these perfect destinations for family holidays in April should give you an idea of where to go.


5 Perfect destinations for family holidays in April

1. Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Enjoying almost 300 days of sunshine each year with an average annual temperature of 24 degrees, Costa Adeje is one of the best destinations for a beach holiday with the family. The coastal town lies in the southwestern part of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. Although you cannot expect extremely high temperatures in April in Costa Adeje, the weather is still warm enough for swimming and sunbathing.
You'll find everything in Costa Adeje to relax, from luxury hotels to modern shopping centres. If you're into golfing, you should visit Costa Adeje Golf Club, which has 18 holes and overlooks stunning ocean views. Those who are into scuba diving should explore the fascinating underwater world of Costa Adeje, home to different fish species and marine animals. 
Families with kids should not miss the chance to go on a whale and dolphin-watching tour in Costa Adeje. Hop on board one of the catamarans that will take you to the sea, and keep your eyes peeled on the pilot whales and dolphins playing and jumping only a few metres from your boat!
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2. Antigua, Caribbean 

Antigua enjoys an average daytime temperature of 27°C in April, offering the perfect setting for a sun-drenched holiday in the Caribbean. Aside from the stunning white sand beaches, Antigua has historical sites worth exploring. You'll find plenty of opportunities to relax during your downtime, from indulging in relaxing massages and spas to chilling out at beachside bars. For a hassle-free way of planning your trip, book an all-inclusive holiday to Antigua. It takes the stress out of planning your family holiday.

Antigua's beaches feature a mix of white and pink sands. There are over 300 beaches on the island. Some of the most popular ones are on the northwest and eastern coasts. Half Moon Bay is the best of all of them. It's a crescent-shaped bay offering excellent snorkelling opportunities and a popular hub for windsurfers and surfers. If you are in St John's, you will be close to Dickinson Bay and Runaway Beach. Both are also excellent choices. Their long stretch of coast has umbrellas and sun loungers where you can rest between swimming. 

Away from the beach, you'll have plenty of fascinating sites to explore in Antigua. Check out Saint John's Cathedral, a hilltop church with spectacular views of the surrounding sea. Visit the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda to learn about the island's history and drop by the local markets to shop for some souvenirs.

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3. The Algarve, Portugal

A family holiday to the Algarve in April is perfect. The region enjoys milder temperatures during the day, perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. It's also the best time for water sports like kayaking and surfing since the waters are not too cold. The best part about going to the Algarve with the family is that it offers numerous fun adventures the whole family will love.  
The Algarve has many fun water parks where you can spend quality time with your little ones. Some of the region's most popular water parks are the Slide & Splash and Aquashow. Aside from the fun rides and slides, these parks have massive green spaces where you can have picnics. 
Your family holiday to the Algarve won't be complete without going on a boating trip to see dolphins up close. The Algarve has calm and warm waters, luring dolphins to jump and play around, and you can witness this during your boating trip.
Another fun place to visit for families who love wildlife is the Lagos Zoo, home to the Iberian lynx. The zoo has a preservation program, which you can learn more about during your visit. Aside from the lynx, you'll find many other animal species in the zoo.
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5. Milan, Italy 

April is one of the best times to visit Milan with the family. The city hosts several annual events and outdoor art exhibitions that the entire family will love. Since it's the spring season, you can enjoy beautiful days with pleasant temperatures. One of the best things about choosing this fascinating Italian city for your holiday is that there are many excellent accommodations in Milan for families seeking a little luxury during their break.

Sightseeing is a fun activity to do in April since the weather is not too hot or cold. When sightseeing in Milan, take the family to the Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, and the National Museum for Science and Technology.

The best way to relax after sightseeing is to visit Milan's beautiful parks. If you are staying near the city centre, head to Parco Sempione, the expansive green garden of Sforza Castle. The other parks worth visiting are Parco Sempione, Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli, and Giardini della Guastalla.

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5. Florida, USA

April is a fantastic time to visit Florida. At this time, the days will be longer and brighter, and the weather warms up a bit. Best of all, Florida is home to some of the world's most incredible theme parks that your kids will surely love, from all inclusive holidays at Walt Disney World to Universal Studios there is plenty for families to of all age groups!
After spending fun days at Florida's amusement parks, families can relax at Daytona Beach, which has expansive and smooth sands, perfect for lazing around. It also has a lovely waterfront where you can shop and dine. 
For nature lovers, be sure to check out Everglades National Park. Your little ones will be amazed by the river of grass, home to hundreds of different species of plants and animals. These include the Florida tiger and American alligator, which you'll find nowhere else in the country. You can explore the park on a canoe, airboat, or on foot.
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