The final days of summer before the weather turns are the perfect time to take a road trip.
Whether you’re going for the weekend, an entire week, or longer, you can help ensure you
have a fun, relaxing time by making sure you have packed all of the essentials. Here are six
must-haves for your next road trip.

6 Best Packing List Essential for a Road Trip

1. Travel Medicine & First Aid Kit

To avoid inconvenience and discomfort always packing a travel health kit Even when
traveling to a familiar location. You can consider packing Plasters (Bandages), thermometer,
Antibacterial hand sanitizer gel, Antibiotic cream for minor cuts and wounds, Surgical tape
etc. The most important thing is to be well prepared for any emergency. You can pack all
these items on a small First aid kit so that it doesn’t occupy more space and is light
weighted. Also, if you are travelling with Seniors then don’t forget to carry their medicines as
you might not get them while on the road.

2. A Cozy Tent

If you’re going on an adventure, you’re going to need somewhere to stay the night. Hotels
can be helpful, but costs add up quickly, they’re not always conveniently located, and they
simply aren’t as much fun as other options.
A rooftop tent is a fantastic option if you’re taking a road trip and want to camp. Rather than
worrying about finding a dry, level spot to set up camp, packing a rooftop tent means you’re
good to go no matter where you end up. In addition, because rooftop tents are elevated, you
don’t have to worry about dirt, water, or small animals finding their way inside.

3. Water bottles

Water Bottles
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There’s nothing worse than discovering you have forgotten to bring a water bottle after you’re thirsty. Bringing a couple of bottles and filling them up when you get the chance can help you stay happy, healthy, and hydrated. 

If you’re flying at some point during the trip, you can’t bring a full water bottle through security. You can, however, bring an empty one in both your carry-on and checked bag. Once you get through the security line, you can fill the empty water bottle up at a drinking fountain. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot an easy-to-use and convenient bottle-filling station.

That way, you don’t have to pay airport prices for a disposable water bottle, and you’ll have it on hand when you reach your destination. 
Whether you’re flying to a location before starting your road trip or keeping it classic and driving the entire way, bringing a water bottle can also help you avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks that might upset your stomach or sleep schedule. 

Packing Essentials
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4. Snacks

It might seem obvious, but remember to pack some of your favorite snacks during a road trip. That’s especially true if you’re someone who finds themself “hangry” if you go too long without eating. 

While you’re sure to pass numerous gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants, packing your food means you know you’ll have access to something you like when you need it. You won’t have to settle for a bag of chips or a fast-food sandwich when you want something healthier or more substantial. 

5. Portable Phone Charger

Portable Phone Charger
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If you’re anything like me, you don’t go anywhere without your phone in your hand. Smartphones are handy when you’re traveling. When your battery isn’t dead, you can check the weather, take pictures, get directions, stay in touch with friends, and contact emergency services if something happens. Don’t forget to carry a Travel Adapter And Power Extension. You must know how to choose a power strip to charge all electrical devices such as phones, cameras, and laptops.
You might be using your road trip as a way to get away from social media and a constant barrage of emails, or you might not, but having a charged cell phone at the ready either way is still a matter of safety. 
The odds are high that you can charge your phone in your car. What about when you’ve stopped for the night, or you’re out and about during the day? That’s where a portable phone charger comes in. Never worry about being caught without a phone ever again.

6. Sanitizing Hand Wipes

Sanitizing hand wipes are fantastic things to have on hand, but they’re beneficial on road trips. Keeping a pack in your purse and one in your glove box ensures you’ll never be caught without one when you need it. 
For example, sanitizing hand wipes can come in handy when:
  • The gas station bathroom you stopped at is out of soap
  • You’re planning to eat in the car and don’t have anywhere to wash up beforehand
  • You eat and end up with crumbs, grease, or orange powder from chips all over your hands and want to clean up
  • You touch high contact surfaces somewhere you stop
By keeping sanitizing wipes on hand, you can help keep yourself and those around you safe as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, too. 

7.  A First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
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Last but certainly not least, no road trip is complete without a first aid kit. Ideally, you’ll never have to use it. However, keeping the right medical supplies on hand is critical. 

If you have severe allergies, make sure the kit includes your EpiPen. If your allergies are less severe but still irritating, having an antihistamine like Benadryl on hand can help if you run into something that causes a reaction. 
Band-Aids, gauze, an over-the-counter painkiller, tweezers, and an emergency blanket can help round out your kit, as well as any other items you think you might need. 

Do you have all of the essentials you need for a safe and enjoyable road trip? Have fun out there!

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