Last summer we drove up and down the South of France to pick up our son, who spent his holiday over there. We found a marvelous hotel to spent the night and I really want to share it with you.

Domaine des Sources opened its doors in (2014???) 14. It was built by a Belgian couple who were looking for a better climate and a more relaxed lifestyle. They certainly found that in the Luberon.

The hotel has a limited number of rooms. Most rooms are arranged around a small internal courtyard, making it look like you're in a small village. Very charming. Our room was very nice, and the bathroom was especially phenomenal.

There is a small pool with a terrace. From here you have a view of the golf course (9 holes). You can take golf lessons on the spot because the hotel has its own instructor.

It is the ideal location to spend a few days in spring or autumn.   The region has so many nice things to offer.  New to golf? Book a week to take the first steps in the golf world.

 Tip: you want to discover the region? Rent a car, because the hotel is rather remote.

Daniëlle followed my advice and booked a week, together with her son. Thank God, they loved it too!

Domaine Des Sources Luberon (2)
Domaine Des Sources Luberon (1)
Domaine Des Sources (1)
Domaine Des Sources (5)
Domaine Des Sources (6)
Domaine Des Sources Luberon (4)

Enjoy the lavenderfields in the area.

Domaine Des Sources (3)

Here's a map to locate Niozelles.

Domaine Des Sources Engels


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