Your 2020 bucket list should be filled to the brim with exciting new destinations that will allow you to see the world in all of its spectacular glory and cultural diversity. Now, when you’re about to go abroad and visit countries with various cultural backgrounds, where different languages are spoken, and different customs and traditions apply, you should prepare yourself the best you can. 

In addition to the traditional must-pack stuff you’d take care of, you will need to refine your preparation for these trips to make the most of them and to stay safe and comfortable.

No matter where you choose to go first, let’s go over a few key steps you should take to make sure your first international escapade is organized in a manner you will enjoy!

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your First International Trip

Check out different destinations

If you’ve settled on a budget, you should pick a place you can afford with your available funds. Sometimes, you might want to take things slow and explore countries at a less hectic pace, such as Canada or a Mediterranean country? Maybe it’s time for a scenic train ride through the mountains, or a lake escape. 

Then again, perhaps you’d like to explore local music festivals and turn your trip into one long-lasting party. Of course, the entire world is brimming with options, so you should listen to your heart and your wallet when making the decision.

What about travel companions?

Would you like for your first international trip to be something you do on your own, or are you perhaps in the mood for visiting an exotic new country with your significant other? In case you’re in the mood for the former, you should first and foremost look into the safety levels of the countries you’d like to visit – some places are still not the best idea for solo women travelers, for example.

Alternatively, you can look into romantic travel destinations that you can visit with your loved one and turn your international adventure into a romantic getaway for two! 

The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your First International Trip1

Help your kids prepare

Traveling to a new country with your younglings can be a true adventure, but if your little ones can’t communicate, they won’t have half as much fun as you! Going abroad means that you’ll need to get ready for an entirely different setting wherever you plan on staying, and you should help your kids do the same. To make sure they can communicate more easily, you should always help them boost their basic English skills so that they can take part in chatting with people abroad. 

Plus, what’s cuter than a kid trying out a new language bravely, abroad? For that, you can let them take a Trinity course that will provide them with the perfect level of communication skills for your adventure. This can be handy for any destination, and especially those where you cannot possibly master their native tongue in a matter of weeks, so English will be your main way to establish a connection. 


Book and schedule in advance

This is not your typical road trip a few hours away from home, or a typical beach getaway with your besties. This takes some serious planning, especially if you’re about to spend a decent sum of money on this adventure, and you likely will.

To make the most of your journey, plan and book as many activities and visits as possible. Getting museum and event tickets well in advance can save you hours of waiting in line. Plus, you can easily find discounts and lower prices for certain events or activities you’d like to take part in, while you risk missing out on them completely if you don’t book.


The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your First International Trip

Don’t forget about insurance

Whether you decide that you’d like to travel alone and experience the destination by yourself, or you have someone to tag along, the one vital thing you can never skip or neglect is your safety and health. So, you need to invest in travel insurance that will cover any event and any emergency you might need while abroad in your specific destination. 
Look for a policy that is comprehensive enough for your essential health needs, but also one that will cover any preexisting condition you might have in case you need treatment abroad. 

Getting ready for your very first international adventure is exciting enough on its own, you need to make sure you don’t skip any of these essential steps that ensure your safety and security for the duration of your travels. Use these tips as guidance, and your preparation will go smoothly and seamlessly, so that you can devote your time to completely immersing yourself in new views and sights – they are bound to inspire many more trips to come!

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The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your First International Trip