Krakow, due to its historical beauty and the accessibility of the airport where most low-cost airlines land, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for city breaks. If you're one
of those planning to visit Krakow, read on for some information that will help you organize
your trip.

Krakow City Break. How to get from the airport, where to eat, what to see. Useful information.

How to get from the airport to the center of Krakow

The Krakow airport is located in the nearby town of Balice, providing easy access for tourists and positioning Krakow as a convenient hub for exploring Poland’s attractions. It is connected to the city by train and bus lines. You can also take a taxi, but it's definitely a more expensive option. If you prioritize travel convenience, instead of trying to hail a taxi, the most convenient way is to arrange for an organized Krakow airport transfer.

Where to stay in Krakow

Krakow's accommodation base is quite extensive, ranging from luxury hotels like H15 Luxury Palace, through well-known chains and 3- and 4-star hotels, to student hostels or Airbnb apartments. You don't have to worry about accommodation because you'll be able to make reservations at a place that meets both your financial and aesthetic expectations. The only thing we recommend paying attention to is the location. It's best to stay near the Old Town or Kazimierz, where the city's biggest attractions are located; you'll have access to the best bars and restaurants. If you want to stay outside the city center (prices will be better), check public transportation. It works efficiently in Krakow.

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How to get around Krakow

As mentioned above, public transportation in Krakow operates efficiently. Renting a car is only moderately cost-effective if you don't plan to take frequent trips outside the city. Utilizing public transport can often be a more economical and convenient option for sightseeing around Krakow. The parking network in the center is poorly developed, and street parking spaces are few and constantly occupied, so a car will only be an additional hassle. It's best to use public transportation in the city, or opt for convenient taxis or Uber-like apps. If you stay in the city center, most attractions including the Main Market Square (Rynek) will be within walking distance, offering a convenient way for first-timers to explore the city. Tickets for public transportation in Krakow are time-based, with 20 and 60-minute options costing 4 and 6 PLN respectively. There is also a 24-hour ticket for 17 PLN (normal) and a 7-day ticket for 56 PLN, which are worth considering if you're staying outside the center.

Where to eat in Krakow

Just like with hotels in Krakow, you'll find both exclusive restaurants and so-called milk bars around the main market square. Pay attention to local street food like "zapiekanki" or the so-called "maczanka Krakowska". Don't forget to try the local pastry called "obwarzanek".

First time in Kraków? Essential things to do 

Depending on how long you're staying, seeing the Old Town, Wawel, Kazimierz, and the Main Market Square is a must-have, which you can even do in one day. Start on Floriańska Street, wander through the Main Square, where you'll see St. Mary's Basilica and the Cloth Hall - key landmarks, then Grodzka and Kanonicza streets to Wawel - there, depending on the time, either stroll through the courtyards or visit exhibitions - especially noteworthy is the Wawel Cathedral with a tower offering views of the city. Then, head to the charming Kazimierz, which is not only a historical district but also a vibrant cultural hub, where you can enjoy numerous cafes and explore the Jewish heritage of Krakow. If you have more days, expand your visit with a trip to the Salt Mine, a tour of the moving Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, or Schindler's Factory. The longer you stay, the best 2 or 3 days, the more your possibilities grow - a week in the heart of Małopolska can be filled with exploring the city, but also with a trip to hot springs where you can relax and admire the Tatra Mountains, you can visit the Energylandia amusement park and ride roller coasters, see beautiful rock formations in picturesque Ojców - in short, immerse yourself in the unique nature and culture of Małopolska while enjoying Krakow as your base.


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 Krakow general information

You'll find plenty of guides on what to do in Krakow, from which you'll learn that the Old Town, Wawel, Wieliczka, or a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Memorial are must-dos in Krakow. But we'll tell you what not to do in Krakow.
Watch out for tourist traps – In Krakow, apart from splendid museums like the Schindler Factory or the National Museum, you'll find museums of everything – most often, promoters will try to lure you into them. Unfortunately, they don't make as much of an impression as promised, so always read reviews first, look at photos, and check if it's what you're looking for.
Don't buy anything at Cloth Hall – Seriously, the same magnets, the same beads, and other souvenirs can be found in other shops and stalls often for half the price. If you want to buy craftsmanship, make sure there aren't the same works just down the street. Not everything is unworthy, but you have to buy consciously.
Don't drink alcohol in public places – Poland is not as liberal when it comes to picnicking with alcohol as England, Greece, Malta, or France. You could get a hefty fine for this.
Don't cross on a red light – Just like our German neighbors, it's easy to lose money on this.
Don't miss the opportunity to see Auschwitz-Birkenau – It's a grim place to visit during a relaxing vacation, but it's a history lesson worth taking, so if you're able to handle it, do it.
Don't focus only on the city center – Yes, we know we said to stay there earlier, but Krakow is not just the Old Town – so if you've already visited it, also check out places like Nowa Huta, where you can visit atomic bunkers from the Cold War period or the Museum of Communism. It's also worth going to experience some nature – to the Ojcowski National Park, which is truly beautiful. In summer, like the locals, head to urban beaches at Zakrzówek, Bagry, or Kryspinów.
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What else you should know before traveling to Krakow

The currency is PLN (Polish złoty) – don't pay in euros anywhere; if someone accepts them, it will be at an inflated rate. 
In 99% of places, you can pay by card; the only issue I can think of is not being able to buy an obwarzanek other than for cash. At least not at official stalls (blue carts) – so you don't need tons of coins and papers to function in Poland. 
You can buy public transportation tickets at stops from machines, and inside vehicles (there's a machine in every vehicle). 
Book tours to the most popular places in advance. Especially to Auschwitz and the Schindler Factory Museum – during the season, there's usually no chance of getting a ticket for the same day.
We hope our tips will help you enjoy the unique charm of Krakow and uncover its hidden treasures. Remember that every journey is also an opportunity to meet new people, cultures, and traditions. May your trip to Krakow be full of unforgettable moments and inspiring discoveries!
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Krakow Travel Tips