Many people want to enjoy a wonderful and luxurious trip and try to explore new things and want to make their trip unique in terms of destination, transportation and hotel services.

Tips for travelers in terms of accommodation and reservation 

The trip may be more important than the destination but knowing your destination is certainly a good place to begin. Therefore, you have to look for someplace that is suitable for you. That process is easy now with the technology because you just make a search on the internet and find the best place you want to go to. 

Charleroi has hotels in every price range but one of my favourites is B&B Ferme Château de Laneffe. If you're really want to be pampered, you can book a room in L'Auberge de Spa.  It's only an hour from Charleroi and it offers the perfect combination between a citytrip and time to relax.

You also need to think about your transportation in order to make your trip as wonderful as possible. We know that everyone is looking for pleasure and want to experience a fantastic journey without stress.

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Hire a private car to experience a guaranteed transportation

Travelers can find several transportation options:

  • bus
  • taxi
  • train
  • rental car services 

However, it is better to find the most efficient and the most comfortable for a wonderful trip. 

Traveling by bus or a taxi is a common way but the service is not always suitable in terms of availability and service.
Taxis are not hard to find but most of the taxis are not available at night. It is also the same case for public transportation like buses. Waiting in a long line with many people at the taxi station is a bad experience that may annoy you. In addition, mixing with unfamiliar people is not insecure and can make you feel stressed.

Therefore, it is better to rent a car for your transfer, for example from Charleroi airport to Brussels. Travelers can enjoy safe and comfortable transportation by renting a private car service.

Several rental car companies can be found at Charleroi.  Rental cars allow travelers to have private transportation with comfort.

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Travelers things to do in Charleroi

Town Hall: this is the most beautiful building of Charleroi.  It's a mixture of classical architecture and Art Deco.  The 47 bells play a nice tune every hour.

Church of St Christopher:  this baroque church has a beautiful dome and fountains at the entrance.  On the inside the church is more modern and has dark concrete walls.

Beffroi de Charleroi: this tower is a part of the city hall and was build in 1936.  It's also a combination of classicism and Art Deco and is listed by Unesco.

Tour de Gosselies: this tower is the only remaining part of Chateau Bousies, a former fortress.

Bois du Cazier: this museum is all about the mining industry

Musee de la Photographie: this is the biggest photography museum in Europe

Glass Museum; Charleroi is an important place in the glass making industry. You will learn everything about the process during your tour through the museum.

Skydiving: the daredevils among us can book a ticket to experience an indoor skydive in the Airspace.  Europe's highest indoor skydive!

Spa-Francorchamps: visit the nearby F1 racetrack and book a tour behind the scenes.

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