Before our children were born, my husband and I were real high speed travellers, and we always enjoyed a road trip. Beautiful trails, every night a different hotel, unexpected discoveries and living out of your suitcase. Fantastic! There are still a lot of roatrips on my bucketlist, and I’d love to share my top five with you.


The trip from Santiago de Cuba to Marea del Portillo guarantees breathtaking views. You pass the most wonderful beaches and spectacular cliffs. This ride is in February on our program.


Roadtrip Cuba

New Zealand

The 540-km ride from Karamea to Haast leads between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, along with subtropical rainforests and glaciers. The contrast is amazing. 

Roadtrip Nieuw Zeeland 2


The Great Ocean Road was built to commemorate the soldiers who served in World War I. This route takes you along beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliffs and, on the way, you get a glimpse of the impressive Twelve Apostles. You start in Melbourne and after more than 400 kilometers you arrive in Warrnambool. Surf freaks have to check when the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, the biggest surfing event in the world.

Roadtrip Australie


The Pan-American Highway South is more than 1300 km long and takes you from Lima, via the coast and through the driest desert on earth to Tacna. En route you pass the famous Nasca lines and Inca sites.

Roadtrip Nascalijnen

The Ultimate Roadtrip

If I ever have a lot of time (and am still fit enough), the journey from Cairo to Cape Town seems totally awesome. You leave Egypt and go through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia to South Africa. For this trip of nearly 20,000 km, you need 10 weeks. But since you cross a number of 'dangerous' regions, I’m afraid it will remain a dream.

Roadtrip Afrika

My husband wants to drive from Davos to Stelvio, but he must find another partner for this trip. You have to pass 60 hairpin bends to a height of almost 3000 meters. As I get motion sickness in the mountains, I put my wildcard here. Candidates can always sign up.

Roadtrip Stelvio

No idea what to pack? Check The Savvy Globetrotter for the ultimate road trip packing list.

What is your ultimate roadtrip?