The sound of rolling waves, the salty breeze, and the soft feel of sand can attract people of all ages. The beach gives you a different feel depending on the time of the day. In the wee hours, one could sense the calm and peace within. While in the busy evening, the buzz of people and stalls can make one happy and excited. You can lie on the deck board or sunbed throughout the day, enjoy a beach party, make sandcastles with kids, or try out the numerous water sports. And, who does like to savor the fresh catch of the day? 

So, have you started preparing for your next beach vacation? We take stuff like Sunscreens, snacks, playlists, swimwear, sand-play toys, etc., without fail. But one doesn't prefer to carry an entire hair styling tool kit. And, it is not necessary either. Below we give a list of easy hairstyles that do not require you to be a style-pro yet look cute.     

6 hairstyles for beach vacation


1. A messy bun  

The messy bun hairstyle suits hair of every length and texture. All you require is a band or hair tie and a few bobby pins. People with thin hair can manage it with pins alone. You can partition the hair equally and make two buns. It makes you look playful and chic. To keep the short hair away from the face, one can add headbands. 
The best part with the buns is they need not be perfect. You can do it within a few minutes. People with thin hair can use a texturizing spray to make the bun look fuller. Go for low buns if you wish to wear a wide hat on a sunny day.     
Beaech Vacation Hairstyle
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2. Beach curls and waves

While you are on the beach, it is nice to have your hair as wavy and curly as the sea waves. One can choose from different options like spirals, kinked perm, classic curls, amped-up bob, etc. The best part is the perm hairstyle can last for about six months, depending upon the maintenance. One can opt for hair care products from Rizos Curls.
The brand offers a variety of shampoos, serums, gels, conditioners. Its products have plant-based natural ingredients and do not contain chemicals like sulfates, silicones, parabens, and formaldehyde. They help in keeping the hair curly, wavey, and frizz-free. The wavy and curly hairstyle suits the beach day, as the salty air and water thicken the curls, making it look more voluminous.
Vacation Hairstyle
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3. Bandana for the beach

Pull your hair into a silky bandana scarf and keep it simple and chic. It keeps the hair safe from sunburn during a hot day on the beach. When the sun sets down, you can tie the bandana into a bow knot at the front or make a headband and a knot near the neck. 
You can use it as a substitute for hairbands for the hair bun or ponytail. If the weather gets cold and windy, cover the head and ears with the bandana scarf in the Russian Babushka style. Accessorize with cool sunglasses to make a bold style statement.  

4. Milkmaid braid

It is one of the easiest hairstyles, and it does not require any styling tools. It stays intact, and hair strands do fall on the face or neck. Keep the braids closer to the forehead to give a feminine look. You can use bobby pins near the center to hold the hairdo in place for the entire day. If you do not mind changing the hairstyle and are okay with messy hair, loosen the braids a little. 
It gives a natural wavy look if you untie the plaits. You can also put the braids at the back. You can use floral clips or fancy clips. Another way to make the braid more colorful is to weave multi-colored strands or a thin fabric along with the hair.
Beach Hairstyle
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5. Twisted side pony

You want the hair loose, flow with the wind, and at the same time, do not want any disturbances on the face. You need not fasten it too tight using a rubber band. Bring all the hair to one side and make a few plaits loosely before tying the hair. One can pleat a portion of hair till the end. Use it to tie the rest of the hair below the shoulders. 
To enhance the facial features, start French braiding from a single side. If you wish to have a fancy ponytail for the beach, it has to be the fishtail braid. It keeps the hair away from the neck and gives a mermaid look.
Hairstyle Beach 2
Afbeelding van adamkontor via Pixabay

6. Use ocean-themed hair clips

The easiest hairstyle on any day is to hold your locks together with a hair clip. As you lounge on the oceanfront, use accessories that relate to the beach. So get the seashell-fixed pins, starfish-shaped barrettes, and pearl-edged hairpins. 

Final Thoughts


The hair looks naturally more beautiful at the beach. But your scalp can accumulate salt. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a chemical-free simple hairstyle.  Do not heat-style, and if your hair gets too dry due to salty air, you can use a leave-in conditioner.

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