Many people assume that it is challenging to travel with pets, if not impossible. The reason is that they’d need vast sums of money to take care of the sitting costs while traveling. That is, should they leave their lovely pets behind. However, with a little research and further planning, you can travel with your pets anywhere you want to go. And it’s not as difficult as you might think. 


Research from the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey showed that 68% of United States households owned a pet. That was a 56% increment (89 million dogs) since 1988. And about 37% of that number traveled with pets each year, which is an increase from 19% a decade ago.

The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association report showed over four million live animals globally get transported on planes each year. The travel industry had to adapt to the growing demand. And now, traveling with your pet is far more comfortable than before. 

Traveling With Pets
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With that said, here are six vital tips you need to know when traveling with your pet. 

6 Tips For a Hassle-Free Travel With Your Pet


1. Pack The Essentials 

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It would help if you took a few things along when traveling with your pet. You need to browse the best fashion dog collars, poop bags, ID tags, etc. Here are other few things you might need: 
  • High-quality dog food and water
  • Toys 
  • Disposable bowls 
  • Flea and tick medicine 
  • Travel documents and medical records 

2. Don’t Assume, Always Ask. 

Travel with pets increases every year, and it's taken businesses time to get up to speed. That means many places don't have policies for dogs established (or they are yet to solidify their policies). 
Maybe you’ve experienced hotels and restaurants whose websites or social media platforms claim to be pet friendly, but they’re not. It happens. So that’s why you always need to ask whenever you’re in doubt. It’s a bad idea to assume that your dog is allowed in a restaurant. 
Always look out for “Pet Friendly” or “No Pets Allowed” notice. If there are no signs, a quick call to double-check can save you time, confusion, and lots of frustration.  

3. Get Copies of Pet-Related Documents

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If you decide to travel outside the country or across borders, you need to get your pet’s health records (just like having your passport). These are highly essential as it will prove that your dog is healthy and vaccinated, especially in these times of COVID-19. 
Depending on the officials you interact with, they will either keep the originals or make a copy. Furthermore, if you have to visit a vet abroad, you can provide them with your pet’s medical history. Due to these reasons, it’s essential to keep multiple copies of your pet’s medical records at all times. 
TIP: keep a virtual copy on your phone and printed copies with you all the time.

4. Skip Hotel Fees

Numerous hotels charge additional fees to accommodate your pet. These costs can be a one-time fee of $50-$250. You can also have an average daily charge of $10-$50. These additional charges can add unnecessary pressure on your budget and increase your trip's price. 
Imagine booking a hotel for a week with a pet fee of $50 for each night. That’s an additional $350! However, some hotels accept pets, and they don’t ask for extra cash: no deposits, no additional fees, and no one-time fees. 
If you’re finding it difficult to get a good hotel, try They have a simple search function that filters homes that are pet friendly. 

5. Double-Check Airline Pet Policies 

When flying intentionally, we recommend that you double-check the airline pet policies. Triple-check to be sure. That is because policies are continuously in flux, and they are always changing the rules. So you want to be sure that the airline officials welcome your pet on that flight. 
You can cross-check the airline’s policies on its website. You can also send them an email or call them to confirm. When flying with your pet, a few factors affect the prices and policies. Usually, they rely on the airline, the breed and size of your pet, and the country you’re traveling to. Some of the pet-friendly airlines are American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, and Air France. 

6. Rules Differ Depending on the Country

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Countries have different rules and regulations for allowing pet entrance. Some countries only require rabies vaccination, including any paperwork from your vet. Others ask for high fees and even quarantine your pet, and there are banned breeds that some countries prohibit. 

The difficult places to travel to with your pet are usually the islands such as Australia, Japan, Iceland, and Fiji. Before you travel, do thorough research of the country to ensure that you meet all their requirements. 


When traveling with your lovely pet, remember to monitor their comfortability. Traveling can leave pets exhausted and dehydrated. Give them water to help them stay hydrated and a couple of minutes to relieve themselves.

Do you travel with pets?

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Traveling With Pets