After a stop in Darmstadt,  we continue our way to Baden-Baden. This cozy German town has been on my husband's bucket list for a long time because of the historic bathhouse Friedrichsbad.

Where to stay in Baden-Baden?

There are many beautiful hotels in Baden-Baden. We chose Brenners park Hotel & Spa. Immediately upon arrival we saw that we made a good choice. The hotel consists of a number of beautiful, historic buildings. It belongs to the Leading Hotels of the World and many famous guests have stayed here, including Barak Obama. The service is fantastic and no effort is too much.

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The breakfast is particularly extensive and the pancakes and omelettes are prepared é la minute. In the Wintergarden, they serve classic, Mediterranean dishes. Looking for something special? Then you can also go to their restaurant with two Michelin stars.

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Next to the main building is Villa Stéphanie, accessible via an underground tunnel. Here you will find a swimming pool, gym, hammam, sauna, and spa. You can relax in the garden with a view of the Lichtentaler Allee.

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Also, the children should not be bored because the Brenners Kids Club has books, DVDs, a Playstation, and WII to entertain them.

The location of the hotel is great. At the back you step through a gate right onto the Lichtentaler Allee. A five minute walk along the river Oosbach takes you to the center.

Highly recommended!! 

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Where to eat in Baden-Baden?

Baden-Baden has a lot to offer for the foodies among us. Some recommendations:

  • Rizzi: winebistro & restaurant.  The restaurant is located on the banks of the Oosbach and has a very cozy terrace. The bouillabaise, hamburgers, and sushi are delicious. 
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  • The Grill: hip restaurant in the Casino
  • Alpiner Charme & Schwarzwald Kulinarik: Fans of German charm and the Schwarzwald clinic, have to go here once. Regional cuisine, beer gardens, and hunting room. What else could you want? 
  • Restaurant Stahlbad: Slightly opposite Rizzi. The schnitzel and lamb crown are delicious.
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  • Gasthaus Löwenbräu: This hotel/restaurant has by far the nicest terrace in Baden-Baden. It is very touristy, but so cozy. Also the food tasted fine. 
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What to do in Baden-Baden?


Baden-Baden is famous for its bathhouse, Friedrichsbad. This Roman bathhouse, dating back to 1877, was the most fancy bathhouse in Europe at the time and is worth a visit for the sake of the building alone. You start in room 1 with a shower and then you walk through a bath ritual in 17 different steps. Saunas with different temperatures, baths ranging from 18 ° C to 38 ° C, soap massages, ... To ultimately soak in the relaxation room.

Step 11 is located in the central part of the bathhouse. Here you have a beautiful view of the giant glass dome while you relax in a 28 ° C bath.

The mineral-rich water in Friedrichsbad comes directly from the local source. The water temperature varies between 56 and 68.8 ° C, making Friedrichsbad the only bathhouse in Europe where heat is generated by the water itself. Everything is of course very old, but the surroundings are fantastic.

Do you prefer to enjoy a super modern spa? No problem.  Next to Friedrichsbad is Caracalla spa with 4000m² of wellness.

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Photocredits: Friedrichsbad (because ofcourse it's not allowed to take pictures inside)

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Under the Friedrichsbad you can visit the ruins of an old Roman bathhouse.


For a nice night out, you're in the right place at Baden-Baden. In the local Kurhaus, you will find the most beautiful casino in Europe. It was built in 1824 and soon realized its heyday by the ban on gambling in France. For seven euros you will receive a 40-minute tour of this magnificent building. One room is even more beautiful than the other. The Red Room is my favorite. The walls are covered with red silk. A few years ago this had to be renewed at a cost of two million euros. Of course, you can also test your luck at one of the many games tables in the evening.

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Baden Baden Casino

Lichtentaler Allee

This hiking promenade is located in a beautiful park, along the Oosbach. There are giant trees and on the banks of the river are ancient, gorgeous buildings.

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Café König

For the best pastries you must be at Café König. When we stopped, the favorite pastry of our youngest son was already sold out. He was so sad! But no need, you can have breakfast, too. And during the holidays, it's no harm if you have some pastrie for breakfast?


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Best pastrie ever!

Fabergé museum

The fans of the expensive Fabergé eggs will love this museum.


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Frieder Burda museum

Along the Lichtentaler Allee is this beautiful museum of modern art.

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Kloster Lichtentall

At the end of the Allee Light Allee is a 13th century abbey.


Allthoug Germany is not my favourite destination, I am a fan of Baden-Baden. It is a beautiful, cozy town. High end hotels, hip restaurants,  rich history, beautiful spas, and lots of nice shops. The perfect place to relax for a few days or to make a stopover during your trip.

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