Camping is one of the greatest outdoor adventures you should try. You get to spend 24 hours outside your home and hotel rooms. But how do you make the adventure awesome? You need to learn how to live with nature and what can make you comfortable out in the camp.

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Follow these 25 hacks, tips, and tricks when out camping.

1. Practice Pitching the Tent

I want to assume that this is your first camping trip. Maybe your tent comes with all the diagrams and a guide on how to erect the tent in five minutes without the need for special equipment. Is that real? You should be sure before you get stranded in the cold. Try putting up the tent at home before you leave for your destination. A few practices can prove if it is an easy five-minute task.  Besides a tent there is much more you need to go camping.  Visit a specialised shop or website to make sure you are well prepared.

2. Pick and Book Camp Spots Early

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If you are not going to camp in one place, you may want to be sure that you have a place for your tent or RV before dusk. Planning a trip route is important, and if campsites have bookings, book your space early before it runs out. For solo camps, no booking required. However, you should be sure that no protection law prohibits you from setting a camp at certain points.

3. Carry Some Games

Regardless of where you want to camp, some boredom will shoot in. you will not spend all the time canoeing, cooking, or hiking. Get a game that will keep you busy when you have nothing to do at your site. For me, I pretty too much play video games on my smartphone.

4. Carry Some Mosquito Repellent

Sleeping in a roof rack tent by the roadside or camping site is nice - until bugs get in and start disturbing you. Since the space is too small to use a mosquito net, you will need a repellent to keep them off. Some mosquito repellents can be made from plant leaves and other simple components.

5. Lube Those Zippers with Candle Wax

Sometimes the zippers get too dry and cannot zip properly. This happens especially after washing your jeans, and it somehow collected some rust. Using wax can make it smooth and work again. It is a “magic” lube that will not soil the clothes.

6. Camp During the Week

Everyone wants a weekend escape, and you will find the campgrounds jammed. Whenever possible, you should arrange your camping during the weekdays. Scheduling your duties to give you two or three days to enjoy your adventure will be awesome when there is no congestion at the camping site.

7. Carry Microfiber Towels

While camping, you want to carry the lightest stuff aboard. You also have little time watching over your items, and it will be great if your towel can dry quickly after a bath. The microfiber towels dry fast and are easy to pack as they are light.

8. Carry Eggs in Liquid Form

Since it is hard to carry trays of eggs to the campsite, you can break and pour them in your water bottle. That will eliminate the fear of breaking them while traveling and make the process easier. No need for mixing bowls and you spend less time cooking.

9. Carry Your First Aid Kit

You never know what will happen at what time. Carry some painkillers, pair of tweezers, sharp razor, pair of scissors, and a bandage, among other essential items.

10. Carry a Portable Battery

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You need your phone to have enough power all the time. You will use it for communication, finding your directions, and booking your favorite activity. To ensure that you do not get disconnected at any time, carry a power bank that stores sufficient energy to recharge the phone through the camping days.

11. Use Your Emergency Blankets to Keep Cool

You might be aware that emergency blankets are designed to keep you warm when camping. The same can help you to cool down your tent on the summer day. The silver lining reflects most sunlight and heat when you spread it on the roof of your tent.

12. Carry Water Purification Tabs

Finding clean drinking water is necessary but hard. You might be forced to carry water along. However, instead of piling up luggage, you should locate a campground that has an accessible river nearby. Collect water from the river and use these adequate treatment tabs to purify the water for drinking.

13. Carry Duct Tape Everywhere

Some emergency cases call for quick actions. Duck tapes are essential things to carry along. You can use it to seal holes and injuries. Wrap some tape on your water bottle to make it easy to carry along.

14. Carry Spare Lighters

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You will need to make a campfire to warm or cook your food. Matchboxes tend to get wet from humidity or damp surfaces. Lighters are efficient, but you can also keep your matchsticks in plastic containers to waterproof them and use sandpaper for lighting.

15. Carry More Toilet Paper

You most definitely do not want to forget this essential utility. You can remove the center cardboard and press the toilet paper to use a smaller space to pack more. Cover them in a waterproof paper bag.

16. Cook Breakfast Using the Sun

You don’t have to struggle to make a fire. Prepare your breakfast while packing your backpack for the hike. With the hot temperatures in summer, you can cook an egg out in the sun - probably on your car bonnet.

17. Have a Range of Lighting Options

Remember that you do not have electricity where you will be camping in the woods. Lighting the camp is necessary at night. Carry at least a headlamp, flashlight, candles, and solar-powered light. If one fails, you will have a backup.

18. Pack a Washing Bag

While you can expect to finish your camping early, you may delay. Having enough clothes is good enough. However, you need a way to clean them faster. A portable washing bag will help you clean your clothes in minutes and eliminate the need for troughs, buckets, or washing machines.

19. Improvise a Shower

Taking a shower after a long day’s activity is necessary. Without paying for hotel rooms, you need a way to take a bath at your campsite. You can make a DIY shower using a can.

20. Make a Disposable Spoon from Your Water Bottle

Do you remember the bottle you used to carry your eggs? Before you trash it, you can cut out a spoon and use it for eating at the camp.

21. Carry Some Glow Sticks

I don’t like sleeping in pitch darkness. It is not ideal for keeping lights on when going to bed in a camp because you want to save some power on your lights. Hanging a glow stick in the tent will give you enough light to see inside the tent when you wake up at night while making it easier to sleep.

22. Keep Some Firewood Under the Car

Waking up after a drizzle or heavy rain is going to be an unpleasant experience if you want to make some open fire for cooking. Keeping firewood under the car will protect them from the rains. But make sure that the car is packed at a raised ground to avoid water flowing underneath and wetting the wood.

23. Freeze Water Instead of Buying Ice

Your cooler requires ice to keep your food cold. How much should you buy? Freeze a gallon of water and carry it in the cooler. It will not only save you some bucks but once you use the ice and it melts, you get clean water to drink while camping.

24. Carry Enough Sunscreen

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Especially if you are camping with kids because they will mostly be laying out in the hot sun, protect their skin from sunburns while giving them the freedom they need.

25. Carry Some Baby wipes

Even if you are not camping with kids, baby wipes will help you to clean things because it is easy to get dirty at the campsite.

Guestpost by Nancy R. Fernandez

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25 Best And Clever Camping Hacks