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Durban is the third-largest city in South Africa and one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Africa. This city is also a huge attraction to surfers from different continents due to its long beaches and warm waters.

Durban is a massive city with lots of unique places that you can visit today. However, it also has many hidden beautiful places that not many people know about. In this article, we unveil seven of the best-hidden gems in Durban that you should consider visiting in the future - if not today.

7 Hidden Gimes of Durban

1. Golden Mile

The Golden mile is probably one of the best places that you should start with when you are on vacation in Durban. This place is filled with amazing hotels, restaurants, shops, and entertainment complexes. 

The broad beaches here also attract lots of water sports as many people come here to swim, fish, surf, or just bask around and enjoy the peace in Golden mile. There are also shark nets and lifeguards protecting the beaches daily to ensure you are safe when having a good time.

You will also feel like you are in California when walking on the oceanfront path as you will meet with a good number of jiggers, cyclists, skateboarders, and other pedestrians.

2. Umgeni River Bird Park

Umgeni River Bird Park Durban
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If you are a bird lover, then you should check out this park. The Umgeni River Bird Park is found on the Umgeni River banks, and it has over 200 bird species. Some of these birds are the only remaining species in the entire Africa continent.
Beautiful paths are running through unique landscapes and waterfalls that will make your visit here even more fun. As you walk through, you can see various indigenous species and birds from other places such as Australia and Asia, including cockatoos, and lories. This park hosts a show to help visitors learn more about the birds.

3. Durban Botanic Gardens


Botanical Garden Durban
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A fun fact about this garden is that it is the oldest botanic garden in the continent. The Durban Botanic Gardens were established around 1849 and found on Berea hill, northwest of the city. The primary reason why these gardens were established is to help with doing trials of some crops.
You can stroll among the exotic subtropical and indigenous plantings, including the majestic heritage trees. Some of these trees are over one hundred years old, which is fascinating. Carry your roof rack tent for an apt shade for your picnics.
The major plant collections that you will find in the Durban Botanic Gardens are palms, bromeliads, orchids, and cycads. Besides seeing these fantastic plants, you will also enjoy seeing some bird species that are permanent residents here.

4. Mitchell And Jameson Parks

The Mitchell park is found in the suburbs of Morningside and is one of the oldest parks in Durban city. The colorful blooms, shady lawns, and wheelchair-friendly paths make it a perfect spot for picnics and walks. 
Kids will love the mini zoo, playground, and walk through aviary found here as they allow them to have fun even more. Therefore, this park is a great choice when you are looking for somewhere  
Adjoining this park is Jameson park. Take your partner, friends, or family for a stroll and see more than 200 rose species.

5. uShaka Marine World 

The uShaka Marine World is among the major tourist attractions in Durban city. It is a wonderland filled with many water-themed attractions that will fascinate you. One amazing thing you will find here is Sea World. This one is set on some shipwrecked replicas, and it contains the biggest aquarium on the entire Southern hemisphere. You get an up-close experience of marine life through some underground viewing galleries.
Other attractions that you will love in the uShaka Marine World include the Seal Stadium, Penguin Rookery, and Dolphin Stadium. If you want more fun, you can participate in Wet n Wild, which is usually an extravaganza of slides, super tubes, and splash pools. 

6. Moses Mabhida Stadium

Moses Mabhida Stadium Durban
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7. Kwamuhle Museum

This museum is a great place to stop by as it has all the exhibits showing how life was in Durban, especially during apartheid. These exhibits include some photos of urban life and the contributions made by those responsible for Durban’s development.
One major attraction that you will find here is the shadow of the past sculpture created by a Durban artist.

In Conclusion

Durban is undoubtedly one of the best and most beautiful cities that you can ever visit in Africa. This article highlights some of the major attractions in this city that you probably didn’t know about. Remember to add them to your itinerary on the next visit and explore the city in style.
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7 Hidden Gems Of Durban Worht A Visit