You’ve got to love road trips. Whether you’re traveling with your friends or family, you’re guaranteed tons of fun along the way. You get to play games, tell stories, and experience new things together. However, the long hours you spend on the road can take a toll on your body. Most people experience back pain after sitting for long hours.

Avoid Back Pain During Your Road Trip
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The last thing you need is to deal with back pain when everyone else is having the time of their life. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to avoid back pain throughout your trip. We’ve covered five tips to help you manage and avoid back pain on a road trip. Let’s get this show on the road.

5 tips to avoid back pain during your road trip


1. Use Kratom for Pain Relief

If you already suffer from chronic or occasional back pain, there’s a great chance a road trip will harm your back. In such cases, you need an effective way to manage the pain and focus on what matters —having fun with your loved ones.
One of the best things you can use for back pain relief is Green Thai Kratom. It’s an excellent supplement you can easily incorporate into your life to manage pain. Unlike opioid painkillers that cause severe side effects, Kratom provides pain relief without any side effects.
What’s more, all the information you need about dosage and its works is often provided in the packaging. Therefore, if you plan to go on a road trip, it helps to have this supplement in hand to stay ahead of the backaches.

2. Maintain a Comfortable Body Posture Throughout the Trip

One of the major causes of back pain is improper posture. Your body is designed to sit and stand in an upright position. When you’re in a vehicle for an extended period, you may find it hard to maintain the right posture. Most people stay in a scrunched position that ends up causing a lot of negative physiological effects.
Back Pain During Road Trip
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It’s crucial to ensure you have enough support for your spine. Proper placement of the feet goes a long way in helping you achieve this. Ensure your feet are on a firm surface and positioned at the right height to avoid adding unnecessary pressure to your lower back. If the seat is too high, consider using a footrest. It’s also advisable to ensure your backrest offers enough support for your back. If there’s any pressure, adjust the seat and ensure you’re comfortable before embarking on the trip.

3. Get Out and Move Around

Sitting in the same position for the duration of your trip isn’t a good idea. Your spine is designed to move around. Staying in one position can cause muscle stiffness, soreness, and spasms. To prevent this, take brakes from driving, get out of the car and move around. While at it, take some time to do some light stretches to extend your muscles and relax your body.
Ideally, schedule stops every 30 minutes is an excellent idea. You can also plan to change drivers at every stop so that everyone is getting enough rest throughout the trip.
Avoid Backpain
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4. Use Hot and Cold Therapy

If you suffer from back pain, hot and cold therapy will be a lifesaver on your trip. Ensure you have several instant ice packs in your cooler that you can use to apply on the sore areas during the trip. This will go a long way in easing inflammation and pain. 
Heat is also an excellent way to ease back pain. You have several options here.
  • Use a chargeable heating pad that can be powered using the dashboard power source.
  • You can use long-lasting (often 6 hours) heat wrap adhesives designed to be applied directly to the skin.
  • Invest in a reusable heating pack and microwave it before your trip. This is an excellent option for individuals who prefer moist heat.
  • Take advantage of the heated seat feature if your car has it.

5. Choose a Smooth Ride

The type of vehicle you have and the nature of the terrain also increases the likelihood of experiencing back pain. You have little control over the state of the pavement. Chances are you’ll have to drive on roads filled with potholes, bumps, and other irregularities. However, if you know of a route with better roads, it’s best to stick to that one.
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Also, ensure you choose a comfortable, smooth ride. For instance, new passenger cars are better than rickety pickup trucks. It’s also crucial to ensure the vehicle is in tip-top condition before the trip. Check the tires, shocks, struts, and overall operating condition before you begin your trip.

Wrapping Up

Don’t let back pain ruin your road trip experience. Use the tips in this article to stay on top of the aches and enjoy each moment on the road. Don’t be afraid to combine some of the tips in this article to increase your comfort. Safe road-tripping!

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5 Tips To Avoid Back Pain During Road Trips