It is all - the vineyards, wine cellars, and guided wine tours that make a gorgeous wine vacation happen. Now there are many places in the world where oenophiles can visit to find something of their interest. Right from classic vintages to delectable dishes at the family restaurant, some of the wine regions in the world are simply incredible. 

The hectares and hectares of land soaked in impeccable grapes, the views washing out the eyes with awe, and just good vibes all around you. Sounds like an experience you wish to have on your next trip? Go ahead with this guide and discover the world's five most beautiful wine regions to visit in 2021. 

World Most Beautiful Wine Regions
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5 Most beautiful wine regions in the world

1. Wine region: Lombardy & Tuscany, Italy

No matter you have scotch glasses or wine glasses in your hands, Italy is a place to relish anything in real. While it has some of the top-notch touristy destinations, the Italian wine regions are no less than excellent. About 50 miles from Milan, Italy has kept its biggest wine secret - Lombardy! The center star of Northern Italy, the Lombardy region, is bombarded with wine fields. Franciacorta is not just a name of the wine region, but a jewel tucked in the Italian crown with its forte lying in producing the best Italian sparkling wines and champagnes. 

Tuscany Wine Region
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The movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" since 2003 entangled an impression about another sunkissed wine region in Italy to be the hub of romance, wines, olives, and cooking. Agreed, Tuscany is one of the rich regions of Italy, but it indeed is a rich wine region, too. Travelers, especially wine connoisseurs, let go of the noise of Rome and Venice and come to the sprawling wineries of Tuscany for calm and peace. From castles turned to wine cellars and fields made vineyards, Tuscany is an excellent escape for those who love having wine beneath the Tuscan sun.

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2. Wine Region: Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town holds a loop of mountains dividing the town from the rest of Africa. The metropolis city also has breathtaking beaches and glittering cuisines day and night. The undying charm of table mountain merely adds a character to the natural landscapes beauty Western Cape behold. So what? It doesn't make Cape Town unique. Well, it indeed does. How can a cosmopolitan town juxtaposed with natural scenes not be memorable? And to top it all, Cape Town has a tremendous wine culture beating in the hearts of locals and visitors. When you hit the sexiest city in Africa, do not miss sipping white at The Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront, touring the Constantia Valley, or uncorking vino at the top of Table Mountain. 

Wineries Cape Town
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3. Wine Region: Bordeaux, France

France and wines - the perfect synonyms for each other! Who isn't familiar with the worldwide fame of Bordeaux as a legendary wine-producing region? The port city nestles on the river Garonne and elevates the hill views of Gironde with its 120,000 hectares worth stretching vineyards. No doubt all the castles and chateaus and vineyards come together to entitle Bordeaux - The Wine Capital of the world. Plus, Bordeaux is the host of the world's largest wine exhibition - Vinexpo in uneven years.

Wine Region Bordeaux
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This French wine region holds an exemplary reputation for its glamourous reds. To your extreme surprise, out of total wines produced by Bordeaux, 85% of them are solely reds. People say those who return from France's Bordeaux, without having a glass of cabernet sauvignon or merlot or both blended, have all their travel bucks gone in vain. 

I am sure you will love Bordeaux and its Châteaux.  Don't forget to visit the city of Bordeaux.  Part of it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

4. Wine Region: Alentejo & Porto, Portugal

Most people only know Duoro Valley as a great wine region in Portugal. However, Alentejo and Porto are two of its equal competitors when it comes to wine. Drive for 1/5 hours from Lisbon, and you will straightly reach the wine heaven on earth. Alentejo has mastermind manufacturers both of whites and reds. But, the core attraction here is the stunningly designed wineries. Some of them have an art gallery, and a few have impeccable architecture. 

Wine Region Portugal
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Much like Alentejo, Porto is the second wine-friendly destination in Portugal. If you are a port wine buff, Porto is your place, my friend. With the choicest vino, there come monuments, beaches, restaurants, and cultures packed with a Portuguese zest. One to two bottles of wine and some great pictures, the wine trip to Portugal will be remarkable! 

After all this wine tasting you can visit the Algarve to relax on the golden beaches.

5. Wine Region: Napa Valley, California

"Wine is bottled poetry." 

These were the words of poet Robert Louis Stevenson after he visited Napa Valley in 1880. Since then, to date, Californian wineries have inspired to get better every day. From sommeliers to guided tours, Napa Valley lacks nowhere in attracting wine lovers from across the globe. In the last few decades, California has become a holiday hot spot. The posh hotels, tier-like hillsides, wineries, and activities like spa, golf, & dining, everything sums up to a perfect trip. So if you want undisturbed nature while gulping Chardonnay or Riesling, fly to Napa Valley today

Wine Region Nappa Valley
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The Worlds 5 Most Beautiful Wine Regions