Basel is one of the amazing cities to live on earth. It is the third most populated city in Switzerland. Basel is called Switzerland's cultural capital because of its rich cultural heritage and historical importance in keeping world peace.

With the rivers, lakes, and, greenery Basel looks captivating for tourists and revitalizing for residents. It has good strategical importance because it is located where the Swiss, French, and German borders meet.

It has a beautiful climate with adequate rainfall and snowfall. In addition to its innate beauty, Basel is surrounded by many attractive tourist places and mountains that can be covered in a day.

Citizens of Basel should plan to escape their daily routines and office stress to these destinations on weekends. Day trips from Basel are a must if you live or ever visit this Swiss beauty of a city.

Daytrips From Basel

8 Day trips from Basel

1. Luzern city tour from Basel

Luzern city is 67.8 Km far from Basel along the A2 highway. It takes around 2 hours to reach Luzern city from Basel. The city Luzern lies on the north end of Lake Lucerne, from which the river Reuss flows out. It is one of the major attractions and tourist hotspots.

It hosts boating and other outdoor activities for the visitors. The chapel bridge is in the center of the city and across the Reuss river. It is the oldest standing truss bridge in the world.



It is a city of bridges and beauty. If you can visit the city towards the end of winter, you can witness the famous carnival of the Luzern.

2. Mount Rigi from Basel

Mount Rigi is 128.5 Km far from Basel along the A2 highway. It takes 2 hours to reach Mount Rigi from Basel. You can reach the mountain from Luzern city via boat, a mountain hike, the famous mountain cog way by the railways, or the exciting cable car.

It is a mountain massif, covered by three different water bodies making the view stunning and captivating. Skiing and sledging are popular activities if you visit in winter.

Mount Rigi

Hiking would be the trend in summer. Using the Rigi railway line to reach mount rigi can be a great experience. Rigi has significant importance in the culture of Switzerland.

3. The Rhine falls from Basel

Rhine falls is 131 Km far from Basel along the A3 and A1 highways. It takes one and half hours to reach the Rhine falls from Basel. It is the most singular and powerful waterfalls in Europe.

The fish cannot climb upstream of the waterfalls due to the fall's force, but eels are known to climb upstream. There are many viewing platforms for tourists and visitors to have a better sight of the powerful falls.

Rhine Falls

One can use a boat to get a closer view of the falls to feel the falls' force. When visited in summer, the falls can demonstrate the power that made them the most powerful waterfalls in Europe.


4. Mount Pilatus from Basel

Mount Pilatus is 103 Km far from Basel along the A2 highway. It takes one hour and ten minutes to reach Mount Pilatus from Basel.  It is also a mountain massif in the Alps mountain ranges, just like Mount Rigi.

It can be reached in multiple ways, with the Pilatus railway being the most common and old. It is the steepest cogwheel railway in the entire world. One can also try the new aerial cable called the Dragon ride to reach the top.

Mount Pilatus

In summer, the golden round trip, a popular trip for tourists, is used often. It involves a boat ride from Lake Lucerne to the bottom of the mountain, a cogwheel train ride to the top, and returning by aerial cars to the bottom.

5. Interlaken from Basel

Interlaken is 98 Km away from Basel. It takes two hours to reach Interlaken from Basel. Interlaken means a place between two lakes, which is apt because Interlaken lies between the lakes Brienz and Thun.

Interlaken has a centuries-old monastery that dates back to the 11th century. The city is a famous tourist resort that gained fame due to the stunning and beautiful landscapes surrounding the city.


With lakes on the east and west, a river in the middle that joins both lakes, and with outstanding landscapes, it becomes the most frequently visited tourist hotspot in Switzerland.

6. Brig from Basel

Brig is 140 Km away and has a frequent number of trains. It takes two and a half hours to reach Brig from Basel. Brig is officially called as Brig-Gils. It is a historic town with many heritage sites that have very high natural significance.

The entire old town of Brig is a part of official Swiss heritage sites. The town shows the relevance and significance of the history of Switzerland. The church of Maria Himmelfahrt is a heritage site of National Significance. Brig is a must-visit for a Swiss citizen and to any historical enthusiasts.

7. Geneva from Basel


Geneva is 253.9 Km far from Basel along the A1 highway. It takes three hours to reach Geneva from Basel. The city of Geneva reminds me of the many peace treaties and world peace organizations. Apart from being a city of peace, Geneva is also a city of history, culture, and heritage.

It has around 82 buildings that have international significance. Some of them are Notre-Dame church, Cathedral St-Pierre church, Head office of the red cross, botanical gardens, and conservatory centre. You should visit Geneva to witness all the significant buildings with your own eyes.

If you want to explore the region around Lake Geneva you should make this short Swiss Roadtrip.

8. Europa Park from Basel

Europa Park

Europa park is 97.2 Km away from Basel. It takes two hours to reach Europa park from Basel. Europa Park is located in Germany. It is the second-most famous theme park after DisneyLand, Paris.

The park has 13 roller coasters, some of which that are running since 1984. The park can accommodate 60,000 guests a day. What better place to spend the weekend with your buddies than this? Europa Park is also one of the must-visits if you are from Basel.

Ending Notes:

Switzerland is a beautiful country. It is known for its natural landscapes and attractions. Citizens of Basel should visit the places mentioned above to make their weekends more exciting and cheerful.

Taking a break from the city to breathe fresh and healthy air of the surrounding mountains and visiting heritage sites that describe Switzerland's history can help your mood, health, knowledge, and productivity. All the places mentioned above are awesome, and they all can be explored in a single day. 

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