The US is a vast country with many different wine regions other than the most popular areas
such as California and Utah. There are plenty of real gems ideal for wine road trips that offer
beautiful views and fantastic wine quality.

During these trips, you will have a chance to visit many different wine distilleries, try a wide
range of different wine types while enjoying some of the best homemade-cooked food and
recipes you’ve ever tried. Let’s take a look at the seven ideal wine road trips you should plan for

Wine Road Trip Us

Top 7 wine road trips in the US

1. Wine road trip Virginia

Virginia is home to dozens of vineyards and a few wine trails that can offer you a few unforgettable days of wine tasting and breathtaking views.

Chesapeake is an excellent starting point as it offers beautiful views of the ocean and a few fantastic vineyards worth visiting. You can start your tour at the Ingleside Vineyards and make your way to Vault Field and continue to General’s Ridge Vineyards. Make sure you take a break at Colonial Beach to take in all of the scenery and relax after a long walk. You can find all kinds of restaurants and bars there, where you can enjoy a wide variety of local recipes. 

Make sure that you visit The Dog and Oyster Vineyard while you’re there, and continue your adventure to Good Luck Cellars, Ditchley Cider Works, and Jacey Vineyards. They won’t disappoint you.

TIP: if you are realy into wine, you should consider a trip to Europe.  Ofcourse France is known for its fabulous wines but you should also visit Italy to try the Castelli Romani Wines


2. Wine road trip Idaho

Idaho is a wine country with fantastic terrain and views that will stay with you for life. With massive mountains in the north and the desert to the south, you’ll get to experience all seasons in one trip. It’s also home to some top-rated wineries and tourist attractions. It’s also a place where you can try top-quality vegan foods,george dickel bottled in bond, and other specialties. 

The oldest winery in Idaho is called Camas Prairie, and it offers some unique wines you can’t find anywhere else in the world. The north of the state is home to a few other notable wineries, including a small family-owned estate called Coeur d’Alene Cellars.

3. Wine road trip Colorado

Colorado is a very popular state for tourists since it legalized the recreational use of Marijuana, but it also has a few notable wineries you should visit. The state is also well-connected with various bike trails, so you can get some exercise while you’re at it. Make sure that you visit the Fruit and Wine Byway on the Colorado River, where you can enjoy routes with dozens of different wine tasting locations with that traditional rustic look. 


Colorado Wine Road Trip

4. Wine road trip Texas

Everything is big in Texas, and that goes for wineries as well. This state is home to hundreds of local wineries and some of the best scenery in the US. No matter which way you go, you’ll find plenty of wines to taste. However, if you want to try the best of the best, start your trip in the Texas High Plains, and make your way to the Lone Star State. Visit Lubbock’s McPherson Cellars on the way and continue to the CapRock Winery. 

The climate is beautiful, the wines are amazing, and the scenery will blow you away completely. Finally, stop at the Cabernet and Malbec winery in Hill Country to experience the heart of Texas. The entire trip takes around 5 hours.

5. Wine road trip New York

It comes as a surprise to many tourists who find themselves in New York, but the state has many different wine regions to offer. Many vineyards can be found next to the Hudson River, in Long Island, Lake Erie, and so on. You can start your trip at the Arrowhead Springs Vineyards and make your way to Lake Erie, known for high-quality European wines. 

Continue the trip towards Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley. There you’ll find the Riesling and Cabernet Franc wineries. You should also visit the Amazing Grace Vineyard and Winery in Champlain to round up your trip. 

6. Wine road trip Washington State

Washington State has 14 official AVA wine regions that offer a wide variety of wines and local recipes. Many of them are located close to Seattle, so you can also visit all of the city’s monuments and hotspots. 

Once you’ve checked the local offer, you can drive to Columbia Valley, where you can find many high-quality wines and wineries. Book a stay at the Storybook Riverside Inn and experience the real beauty of Washington State.

7. Wine road trip Arizona

Arizona Wine Road Trip

If you’re one of those people that can’t stand colder temperatures, you can go on a wine road trip in Arizona. Known for its warm climate, Arizona is also a good place for wine tasting. The Northern Verde Valley is a must, as it’s one of the most developed wine regions in the state. People in Arizona are very warm and welcoming, so your stay here will be something else. With the Grand Canyon close by, you can also feast your eyes on some of the most iconic sites the state has to offer.

Make 2021 The Best Year Ever.

2021 can be the best year for wine road trips as there probably won’t be as many travelers as usual. So, why not plan a weekend getaway from the city to some of the most beautiful places the US has to offer? Get a map, create a plan, and make this summer the one you’ll remember forever.

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