Dubai – beautiful, glamourous, stunning and glittering spender’s paradise, Dubai. Summer or winter, this city is a treat to all your senses. You’ll delight in the city’s rich luxuries and immense eye-to-detail even in the smallest of things. When in Dubai, everything you ever wanted is just a few clicks away. The only thing that might bother you in Dubai during summer is the heat. But hey, Dubai has waterparks! Fabulous waterparks with incredible rides and great fun for the whole family. What summer heat?

Aquaventure Beach

1. Aquaventure Dubai

Aquaventure Dubai  offers 42 acres of unlimited fun for the whole family, including shark-filled lagoons, zip lines, splendid and scary rides and so much more. When you get there, you’ll see why this waterpark has been awarded the title of the “Best Waterpark in the Middle East 2015” on TripAdvisor and “Middle East’s Leading Waterpark 2016” by the World Travel Awards, of all the waterparks in Dubai.
  • The most-talked about ride in Acquaventure Waterpark is the record-breaking Aquaconda. It’s literally the longest water slide in the world. 
  • Take a quick spin on the Torrent River’s surging waters, for all the world like a real river. 
  • The 90-foot Leap of Faith at the Tower of Neptune that upends you into a shark lagoon is a thrilling and scary ride. 
  • You can take a raft and cruise via the Shark Tunnel, infested on all sides by deadly sharks. 
  • One of the biggest thrills at Aquaventure is Poseidon’s Revenge, where a trapdoor opens up under you, plummeting you 75 feet before you’re arced into a double loop. 
  • The waterpark also contains a lazy river to float on and a play area for children, apart from numerous other breathtaking rides.
If rides aren’t your thing, just lounge around on the cabanas and listen to the screams of joy coming from the waterpark. Enjoy some delicious food and give the Atlantean Flyer zip line a chance. You’ll be flying over the beautiful Palm Jumeirah, enjoying stunning views of the island. Aquaventure Waterpark is usually crowded on weekends, so try visiting on weekdays. Keep your flipflops with you all the time, to avoid blistering your feet on the hot surfaces. 


Tower Of Neptune
Splashers Childrens Play Area
Shark Safari
Poseidons Revenge

Avoid queues and order your tickets online!


2. LEGOLAND Waterpark

At the LEGOLAND Waterpark kids can enjoy creating structures out of LEGO blocks, building their own dams and water rafts to row down the LEGO River! The LEGOLAND Dubai Waterpark offers more than 40 fantastic rides, apart from innovative play areas for children and family-friendly attractions. The waterpark offers a great break from Dubai’s heat, plus a great chance for the whole family to have some water fun together. Since it’s a waterpark aimed mainly at educating young children, the whole family can join in. The LEGOLAND Waterpark is perfect for kids under 12 and their families. Avoid uncomfortable footwear owing to all the walking you’ll be doing at the waterpark. Bring lots of drinking water to stay hydrated. 
Legoland Dubai

Credit: flickr

3. Wild Wadi Waterpark

Dubai’s most spectacular waterpark, the Wild Wadi Water is one of top Dubai attractions. This Waterpark literally ranks 11th on TripAdvisor’s list of ‘Top 388 things to do in Dubai’. 
  • White Wadi features the fastest and the tallest free-fall water slide in the world, other than the one in the USA. Called the Jumeirah Sceirah, this scary ride makes White Wadi a Dubai must-visit! 
  • Wild Wadi also has the Breakers Bay, the Middle East’s largest wave pool. It produces waves the size of 1.5 m (4.9 ft.) waves in five different configurations.
  • A number of rides are available for various age groups – some easy, some tough, some scary and some too thrilling for words. 
  • While Wadi is a theme park with a view of the Burj al Arab, and the amazing architecture of the Palm Jumeirah Islands. 
  • For families, White Wadi Waterpark has a baby and toddler play structure with many interactive activities. There are more than 100 water activities for kids there including water guns, slides, dumping bucket and climbing frames.
The park offers several facilities for disabled people, plus pick up and drop off facilities right to the park entrance itself. There are also a lot of dedicated parking spaces in the car lot. It might be best to visit White Wadi during the weekdays, as weekends are usually very crowded.
Note: If you are a guest at any Jumeirah Hotel, you can enjoy free entry to Wild Wadi Waterpark.
Wild Wadi Waterpark

Credit: flickr


4. Laguna Water Park Dubai

Laguna Waterpark is the latest waterpark in Dubai; if you’re looking to take things up a notch, head straight to this place. Located directly on the beach, Laguna is located in the heart of La Mer, Dubai’s newest and jazziest beachfront residence and entertainment zone. 
  • Laguna Waterpark is divided into 4 zones: Splash Zone, Slides Zone, Surf Zone and Relax Zone
  • There are five main rides at Laguna Waterpark, plus a lazy river, children’s zone, a pool lounge, a store and food kiosks. It’s the complete package. .
  • There’s also the Middle East’s first Manta family raft ride plus the very loopy Aqualoop ride.
  • The children’s zone contains a lovely Splash Pad for young ones plus an AquaPlay Rainfortress. 
  • The Surf Zone is an international-level surfing destination. Experience the huge surfing waves at the WaveOz – an 80 degree surf simulator. The WaveOz 180 FloRider is called the ‘Ultimate Surf Machine’ in the Middle East. 
  • Other notable rides are the Loop, Free Fall and Constrictor
  • Obtain a day pass to the Laguna Waterpark and you can come and go as you please the whole day. Enjoy direct access to the La Mer beachfront which is great for families with kids. 
  • La Mer has other attractions that you can enjoy during your breaks from rides. There are wide open boardwalks, many boutique retail outlets and cafes and plenty of graffiti art to keep you entertained. 
  • Laguna Waterpark gets crowded during weekends, so plan your waterpark break keeping this in mind. This waterpark one of the best places to visit in Dubai during your summer hols. 
Laguna Waterpark

5. Splash ‘N’ Party Waterpark

  • If you’re looking for an exciting new waterpark for young kids, head straight to Splash 'N' Party.  It’s a waterpark that’s designed for the whole family to have fun.
  • There are plenty of splash pads and water slides to keep the little ones happy.
  • For the grownups, there’s a juice bar and a restaurant and plenty of lounge areas. 
  • If you have a kid’s birthday coming up, let Splash N Party know about it and they’ll organize the most wonderful waterpark party ever.


If you’re looking for some cool water fun, try the Dolphin Bay and the Lost Chambers Aquarium as well. You’ll still remain cool in the water while enjoying a horde of treats. While visiting waterparks, always book your tickets in advance. Before you enter the waterpark, study your brochure and decide which rides you want to enjoy. Don’t leave the major rides to the end of the day, as the queues tend to be long then. 
Instead of going to a tropical pool paradise, you could also consider getting your on backyard pool! :-)  If so, make sure you choose the best above ground swimming pool.

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The Best Waterparks In Dubai