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Maine is my absolute favorite state to visit. I’d be living there if the winter wasn’t so brutal (I can’t deal with the cold).

RVing in Maine is the best - the scenery is beautiful, the drive is nice, and the locals are incredibly friendly.

Today, I wanted to give you my top 4 destinations to check out in Maine!

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Top 4 RV Destinations in Maine

There are tons of beautiful spots in Maine to check out, narrowing it down to just 4 spots was tough!

I wanted to give you the best of the best though, and these were my choices. Enjoy!

1. Acadia, Maine

In Maine

Acadia is my favoritedestinantion in Maine for multiple reasons.

For one, it’s where Bill and I got engaged. Right on top of Cadillac Mountain while we were watching the sunrise (at 4:50 in the morning).

Second, it’s the best of both worlds. If you’re a mountain person, they have tons of trails to hike (the Beehive is one of their most popular - but be warned, it’s a tough one and if you’re afraid of heights it’s not the one for you).

If you’re more of an ocean person, there are plenty of places you can visit (such as Thunder Hole or the many peaceful beaches).

There’s even an Island close to Bar Harbor (the small town in Acadia). When the tide is low, you’re able to walk across the terrain to get to the island and explore. I highly recommend you check when high tide is, though - otherwise you’ll be stuck on the island until low tide again.

Top Campgrounds to Stay At While in Acadia

A few RV-friendly campgrounds to stay at while in Acadia are:

  • Mount Desert Campground

Mount Desert is beautiful, but if you want an ocean-front spot while staying there, you have to book a few months in advance.

They have tent sites and allow RVs to stay - but your RV has to be 20’ or smaller.

  • Seawall Campground

Seawall is a beautiful campground located on the western side of Mount Desert Island. You’re able to reserve sites 6 months in advance, however, the RV spots are “non-electric” (meaning you won’t have any water or electric hookups).

2. Bethel, Maine


Bethel holds a special place in my heart. It’s the first place Bill and I stayed when we first started RVing and, even though we had our fair share of struggles, it was one of the most peaceful places we’d ever been to.

The town was small enough that we could bike from our campground to the local store for groceries or to the park to watch live entertainment!

The ocean is an hour or two away from Bethel, but the drive is beautiful and makes for a great road trip!

Top Campgrounds to Stay At While in Bethel

Two RV-friendly campgrounds to stay at while in Bethel are:

  • Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground

This is where Bill and I stayed while in Bethel for three months. The owners are friendly and they offer so many recreational activities to do while you’re there (such as kayaking, rafting, and exploring their private island).

Click here to read our review on Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground!

  • Pleasant River Campground

While we’ve never personally been to Pleasant River Campground, we’ve heard nothing but good things about it!

With canoe and kayak rentals, a shuttle service, and free WiFi, where can you go wrong?

3. Camden Hills State Park

Rv Camping

If you want to get lost in nature, Camden Hills State Park is the place to be. 

A lot of people claim that Camden Hills is one of the most beautiful places to visit while in Maine. You get panoramic views of Camden Harbor and Penobscot Bay, and there are tons of outdoor activities, such as:

  • Hiking
  • Birdwatching
  • Horseback riding
  • Snowshoeing

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are tons of things to do while in Camden Hills State Park - it’s well worth an RV trip up there.

Where to Stay At While in Camden Hills State Park

If you want to stay close to Camden Hills State Park, you’re kind of stuck with one campground option…

  • Camden Hills Campground

Don’t let this discourage you, though! Camden Hills Campground is a beautiful campground to stay at with a swimming pool, RV hookups, free WiFi, volleyball, and more.

4. Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park is home to Maine’s tallest mountain, Mount Katahdin.

If you’re a hiking enthusiast (like Bill and I are) this is the place for you. The scenery is gorgeous, the hiking trails are unlike anything else, and you’re able to kayak or fish while in the area as well.

You’re more likely to see a moose while in Baxter State Park than anywhere else in Maine, too (though we’ve yet to see a moose in person).

Top Campgrounds to Stay At While in Baxter State Park

Ready to take an RV trip to Baxter State Park? Here are a few awesome campgrounds to stay at while exploring the area!

  • Abol Bridge Campground

This campground is one of a kind - it has a store on site and you get free hot breakfast with your stay!

The only downfall is there are limited RV sites to choose from (which means you better book your site fast).

  • Wilderness Edge Campground

If you stay at the Wilderness Edge Campground during spring or fall, you get to go on ATV wilderness excursions! 

Wilderness Edge is pet-friendly, has a shuttle that’ll take you into Baxter State Park (as well as a few other locations), and has a brand new playground for children! This family campground is the perfect place to stay at while RVing in Maine.

What Are You Waiting For?

Rv Camping 2

There are tons of beautiful places to visit while RVing in Maine - now, you have to pick one!

If you can only pick one, I’d go with Acadia. It’s my absolute favorite place to vacation while in Maine (but I’m a bit biased, I have some pretty amazing memories that live in Acadia).

My next choice would be Baxter State Park - seeing a moose in person would be really freaking cool and I’d give anything to hike the tallest mountain in Maine!

Where do you think you’ll go RVing in Maine? Have you ever gone to Maine in an RV? What place holds a special place in your heart? Ever tried RV Camping before?

Let me know in the comments below - until then, happy RVing!

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