For those who know Kathmandu the thought of biking in the city isn’t attractive. This is because the city is not only culturally rich but also colourful, vibrant and somewhat chaotic. The city of Nepal is therefore not an ideal place for bikers to enjoy riding. However, the city outskirts have various riding routes that will excite you. Here are the examples of places to visit.

Kathmandu valley generally


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The valley is just an hour from the city. There are several routes within the valley although if you are taking lesser days on the trip you may choose the spots indicated below. The routes will suit all kinds of riders from avid and best-trained riders to intermediate and beginners. 

The valley is ideal for mountain bikers who are stable riding up and down the valleys. The trails within it take you to less populated towns and pass through the breath-taking view of green fields. The mountain bikers would enjoy riding in the steep climbs and descent dirt trails. 

Kathmandu valley has the conducive weather for riders. Regardless of summer or cold seasons, daytime is often warm enough for comfy rides. This happens for the better part of the year. For those who love adventure, you will see various wonders on your trip.

One of the best routes to take is the one going from Kathmandu to Phulchowki which is the highest hill in the valley. It’s tasking to climb but once you are at the top of the hill, you get to see the snowfall especially during winter season. 
Another rewarding route is Kathmandu to Nagarkot through Bhaktapur. Although its hard to climb, the panoramic view motivates many to go to the top. Have you ever seen the Himalayan peaks rising into the sky? If you are lucky and on time you will witness this wonder.

Aside from all the above, you will meet the most amazing people that aren’t only hospitable but also social. This will climax the essence of your trip.

The Balaju to Kakani 


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Take the 4.4 Km from Kathmandu to Balaju and note that, cycling between Balaju and Kakani will take roughly 5-7 hours. Which depends on the riders riding level and the bike you are using.  It’s a scenic route that takes you around the valley for roughly 23Km

The road will take you through the Nagarjuna forest reserve. At the reserve, you may take time to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of nature. When you reach the peak of the valley, you are just about 4 kilometres to Kakani.

At Kakani, you could stop for your lunch break and sample the native tea. As you take your meals, don’t forget to enjoy the scenic view of the mountains and hills around and below you. 

You expect to see the different Himalayan ranges which include Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Manasalu and Dhaulagiri. The gorges on one end of Kakani are visible. This rises from the landscape and terrace cultivation of Trisula highway road. 

The natives are large-scale strawberry farmers. If you wish to experience a place with natural beauty, perfect landscape and snow mountains then go for this ride. Remember that you need to report back to your hotel in Kathmandu. 

Kathmandu to Nagarkot to Bhaktapur


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When biking in Kathmandu make sure you plan to visit Bhaktapur through Changunarayan. Nagarkot is the best destination for the scenic mountain view. While Bhaktapur will give you the beautiful tradition and culture with a mix of great architecture.

Whether you are a pro rider or an intermediate one this ride will take you through some slow uphill climbs on the constructed highway and rough climbs as well. You can ride through Koteshwor and ascend to Nagarkot. 

You could take your break first meals at the beautiful Nagarkot as you view the sunrise of the Himalayas ranges which is from Ganesh Himal to Mt Everest. From here, you can ride your bikes to Changunarayan which is the home to the oldest temple in the valley. 

Stop to visit the temple and embark on your journey.

Use the tarmarc road to Bhaktapur where you can visit the Bhaktapur Durbar square. The place is rich with the traditions and beautiful architecture. The route is roughly 32Km and your trip takes approximately 7-8 hours

Depending on your preference you could drive yourselves back to your hotel in Kathmandu or cycle back.

Chobar to Champa Devi


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Reaching Chobar hill is easy because of its only 6 km from Kathmandu

Chobar hill is on the south side of Kathmandu. This is the home to Chobhar gorge which is famous and suitable for your technical rides. Another common place is JalVinayak temple. 

From here, you can take the rough roads to Bansbari and take the forest area for 2 hours to reach Champa Devi. 

Champa Devi is your other beautiful place to observe the valley and the great mountain ranges. On a clear day, you must see the Mt Everest. After this, you can go back to Kathmandu on the rough downhill route. 

Lakuri Bhanjyang


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The last route of suggestion is this. The best way to go is to cover the 7.1 km from Kathmandu to Patan Nepal. From Patan to Lakuri is about 18 km. You get to ride through the Lubhu city to reach the rugged track. From here you begin your journey to Lakuri Bhanjyang.
On reaching the destination, let’s hope that the day is clear so that you can see the natural landscape. This is the Kathmandu valley, surrounding mountains and ranges. As you embark on your descending journey, go to the rural valley of Bebarkhola where there are Newari settlers. 
Keep going to Panauti and then back to Patan. Take a break, then go back to your hotel in Kathmandu for check out preparation the next day. 

Why should you visit Kathmandu as a cyclist?

  • Kathmandu is a rich historic site with seven heritage sites that are globally known. 
  • The valley has various routes for any kind of rider.
  • For those textile lovers, this is your city. With wool scarfs available everywhere in the city.
  • Who doesn’t know the Nepalese dumplings? This is just a tip of the iceberg in regards to the region’s cuisine.
  • Nepal is home to the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest. You can see it from Kathmandu when you choose to cycle or trek.
  • The rich cultural heritage and the natives make them hospitable.  
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