During the Easter vacation we traveled  to South Africa, my favorite holiday destination. We traveled with our children and my parents. Three generations on one trip! We spend 4 days in Cape Town to discover the best Cape Town Tours.

It was 20 years since we last visited the Cape and it has changed a lot.  Twenty years ago we were already impressed with the road network and now it’s even better. When you leave the airport it feels like you're on the wrong continent. Five-way highways, spacious regional roads - the country is ideally suited for a self-drive.  This Cape Town itinerary shows you the best Cape Town tours.

Zuid Afrika Wegennet

General info

Cape Town is situated on a peninsula on the southernmost tip of Africa. After Johannesburg and Durban it is the third largest city in the country, and it is by far the most touristy.

Everyone knows the city because of the beautiful Table Mountain. The city itself has many historical buildings and in the vicinity you will find the wine region.


11 Best Cape Town Tours

Cape Town has so much to offer that you can spend two weeks. However, there are a few Cape Town tours that you should not miss. Here are some top things to do in Cape Town.

1. Robben Island Tour

A tour to Robben Island should be on every Cape Town itinerary.  The place has such a historical importance.

Robben Island was initially a lepracy colony. Since 1636, it served as a penal colony, but it became known worldwide as the place where Nelson Mandela was locked up by the Apartheid regime. The waters around the island are freezing cold. In the course of history there are only three prisoners who have survived their escape effort.

On the island is a limestone mine where the prisoners were employed. Due to the bright light and the fine dust, Nelson Mandela's eyes (and others) were irreparably damaged here.

Zuid Afrika Robbeneiland (1)
Zuid Afrika Robbeneiland (4)
Zuid Afrika Robbeneiland (5)

In 1991, the last political prisoners were released. Several years later, in 1996, the other prisoners were transferred. Since 1999 Robben Island has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

From the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, a ferry departs for Robben Island four times a day for a guided tour. The ferry leaves at Nelson Mandela gate at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.  You make a tour of the whole island by bus. In the prison itself your guide is an ex-detainee.

Zuid Afrika Robbeneiland (7)
Zuid Afrika Robbeneiland (2)
Zuid Afrika Robbeneiland (3)

From Robben Island you have a marvelous view on Table Mountain.

Zuid Afrika Robbeneiland (9)

Personally I don’t think the visit is very impressive. Perhaps I expected too much because it is such a historic place. But nevertheless, I think the island is a must visit during your 4 days in Cape Town.

The tour takes about 3.5 hours. To avoid long waiting times, you can book tickets in advance. 

In 2018 South-Africa celebrated Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday. If you look for more info on Cape Town, click here.





2. Cape Peninsula tour

For the 160 km long  tour of the Cape Peninsula you will need about one day. We began our tour in Muizenberg  but you can start it from any place.  If you have only 1 day in Cape Town, I suggest to make this tour.  You can book tours to to make discover the Cape Peninsula but I think the best way is to hire a car and make the tour on your own.


Muizenberg is a quiet coastal town with 40 km of long white beaches. The brightly colored beach cabins make it a very photogenic place. 

Muizenberg (1)

Muizenberg is named after Wynand Muijs who, beginning  in 1743, commanded the military post on the mountain at the beach.

In the 19th century it was a popular holiday destination for South Africans. The beautiful villas from that time have already seen their best days. On the beach you will find Surfer's Corner, one of the better surf schools for children.  The beach was full of little surfers. 

Muizenberg (2)
Muizenberg (4)

On the Main Road you will find the former house of Cecil Rhodes (1st Cape Colony Minister at the end of the 19th century), now serving as a museum. If you leave Muizenberg, heading to Simon's Town, you will pass the beautiful railway station.

Muizenberg (3)

Simon's Town

The next stop took us to Simon's Town at False Beach. Since 1957, this is the headquarters of the South African navy. The town is named after Simon van der Stel who searched for shelter in 1687 against the storms around the Table Bay.

On Jubilee Square is a special statue of a Danish dog and a sailor. The dog, Just Nuisance, was the mascot of British sailors during the WWII. The dog even got a military funeral.

Simonstown Just Nuisance

Boulders Beach

Just past Simon's Town you pass the Boulders. On this beach, a colony of black feet penguins has lived since 1982. Twenty years ago you could still walk over the beach, but today a wooden footpath has been laid out. The penguins waddle next to you. You can walk to the nesting zone in the dunes.  Nowadasys you have to pay a small admission fee to enter the beach.  

Zuid Afrika Boulders (5)
Zuid Afrika Boulders (2)
Zuid Afrika Boulders (4)

Cape of Good Hope

At one point you pass the exit to Cape of Good Hope (you have to pay access fees here). Initially, this place was called the Storm Cape, but the Portuguese king hoped to find a new route to India and changed its name to Cape of Good Hope. In the past, this was the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, but today it belongs to the Table Mountain National Park. For the most beautiful view, take the cable car, the Flying Dutchman, to the old lighthouse. You then float more than 200 meters above the ocean. There are also numerous hiking trails. The surroundings are, because of the strong wind, desolate so it's not my favorite place. But because of the historical value, this must be on every Cape Town itinerary.

Legend of the Flying Dutchman: This legend originated in 1641 when a Dutch captain got into a storm. When his ship began to sink, he swore that he would round the Cape, even if it took until Judgment Day. Since then a ghost ship has often been seen with broken masts and torn sails.

Zuid Afrika Kaap De Goede Hoop


When you get out of the park, take the M65 north-west. We made a stop in the cozy town of Kommietje. We had lunch at Fishermans, a cozy, simple restaurant where they served crispy fresh fish. 


Houtbay is a larger coastal town with numerous eateries.  It is an important fishing village (although it decreases, by overfishing) and during the weekends it is a popular seaside resort. In the harbor you can book a boattrip to spot sea birds or to sail to the Cape to see seals on Duivels Island. In the bay is a huge image of a leopard on a high stone. It was made by a local artist in 1963 as a reminder of wildlife that once lived in this area.

Zuid Afrika Houtbaai
Chapmans Peak (1)

Chapman's Peak

Further to the east rises the mountain range Chapman's Peak. The road that passes along these cliffs guarantees beautiful vistas (even on a cloudy day). There are many opportunities to park you car and enjoy the amazing scenery!

Chapmans Peak (2)
Chapmans Peak (6)
Chapmans Peak (3) 2
Chapmans Peak (4)

After that you will pass numerous beaches such as Clifton, Camps Bay and Llandudno before you arrive in Cape Town again.

Roadmap for your Cape Peninsula Tour

3. Cape Town wine estate tour

Groot Constantia is, as the oldest wine farm, the cradle of South African viticulture. Nowadays it is a true tourist attraction with a museum, tasting roomand a large (wine) shop. If you don’t make it into the wine region, wine tasting in Constantia is a good alternative.

You can also make a small detour during your Cape Peninsula Tour to visit Groot Costantia.

Groot Constantia (2)
Groot Constantia (3)
Groot Constantia (1)
Groot Constantia (4)

4. Helicopter tour

Twenty years ago we did not manage to get on top of the Table Mountain because there was  too much fog. This time we had no success either.  Every morning the top of the mountain was cloudy. That's why we decided to book a helicopter flight the last day.

At the Waterfront there are numerous places offering flights. However, the hotel advised us to use NAC. They have multiple helicopters, including one for six people. We made a 25-minute flight, but according to our children it seemed 25 seconds. The Table Mountain, Lion's Head, the 12 Apostles and the beautiful beaches are spectacular from this point of view. Enjoy the pictures!  Young and old remembers this as the top Cape Town tour of our trip.

Helicopter Zuid Afrika (6)
Helicopter Zuid Afrika (10)
Helicopter Zuid Afrika (3)
12 Apostelen
Table Mountain

According to the kids, this was the most thrilling activity!

Helicopter Zuid Afrika (9)
Helicopter Zuid Afrika (8)

If you plan to book a helicopter flight, I advise you to do the Cape Peninsula tour first. The helicopter is flying the same route and you immediately recognize the places you saw before. 

5. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront tour

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is the walhalla for the shoppers among us. From the famous brands to small ethnic shops, everything can be found. There are a number of luxury hotels, an amphitheater, shopping malls, a Ferris wheel and the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Personally, I would not want to stay there because the screaming of the (protected) seagulls drives you crazy. My father-in-law stayed there a few weeks earlier in the beautiful One & Only hotel, and he was very happy that he had a room at the back. Also for good food, you are better off elsewhere. We only ate one time badly during our entire trip and it was here in Quay Four. The service was lamentable, nobody got what he ordered and it tasted awful. In addition, it was the most expensive meal of the entire trip. They have the most beautiful terrace, but stay far away.

You can also combine your trip to Victoria & Alfred Waterfront with the Robben Island tour as the ferry departs over here.

Waterfront Kaapstad (1)
Img 1004

6. Cape Town city center tour

The city of Cape Town is easy to explore on foot and has many beautiful buildings, nice markets, picturesque streets and a castle. However, we did not have time to enter the city again. Unfortunately, a person has to make choices so beautiful sights like the colourful Bo houses.

Bo Houses Cape Town Tour
Afbeelding van pascal OHLMANN via Pixabay

7. Table Mountain Tour

If there's only 1 thing you could see during your Cape Town tour, it must be thee iconic Table Mountain.    No matter where you are in Cape Town, you can always see Table Mountain.  

From the top, a 1086 meter high plateau, you can enjoy an epic view over the city.

You can take the cable car to the top.  Buy your tickets upfront because, particularly in high season, the lines can be long.  Car parks are often full, so consider taking a cab/Uber or take the Hop on  Hop Off bus.  Watch out!  The cable car closes freuquently bevause of strong with or heavy clouds.

Are you the sporty type?  There are hiking routes for all levels of experience.  The oldest and easiest route to the top is Platteklip Gorge.  It takes about 3 hours but you don't reach the highest point.    Skeleton Gorge route takes to you to the hightest point and is a very 'green' route through a small jungle. You might consider making the hike with a guide.

Table Mountain

8. Lion's Head tour

Another iconic mountain is Lion's Head.   It's a peak, next to Table Mountain, Preferably hike to the top just before sunset or sunrise to enjoy the most magnificant views.

9. Stellenbosch Wine Tour

Real wine lovers have to make at least a daytour from Cape Town to the Cape Winelands.  Visit the lovely town Stellenbosch and visit some of the best wineries in Stellenbosch.  You can book a tour so you can taste all these superb wines and don't have to worry about drinking and driving.

10. Cape Town bycicle tours

One of my favourite ways to explore a city is by bike.  There are many companies offering guided tours.  You can take a city bike, mountainbike.  I would suggest a Cape Town city tour that takes you in about 5 hours along the highlights.  

Are you a mountain bike enthousiast?  It's possible to take a 27km mountain bike ride upon Table Mountain.

11. Cape Town food tour

South Africa and especially Cape Town is known for it's amazing food.  You have to try restaurants such as Test Kitchen, The Pot Luck Club, La Colombe (close to Groot Constantia), The Roundhouse (if only for the view) and many many others.

Every Cape Town itinerary should contain at least one food tour.  

TIP: real foodies have to go to Paternoster, about 140 km up North along the amazing  South African West Coast

Cape Town is full of photogenic places.  Sabine, a Belgian living in South-Africa, wrote an article about the 12 most instragram worthy places in Cape Town. Check them out before you go, so you're sure to get the right shots on your Cape Town tours.

Here are another 10 cool things to do in Cape Town.

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