During dinner with friends 2 years ago, we realised that one of us, although widely travelled, had never been to Paris. We spontaneously decided to change that. Schedules were compared and an outing to Paris was organised. This was so much fun that we decided to organise something annually, and to make it even better, we would take turns organising it as a surprise. Last year we went to Volendam. The hilarious photographs are proof of its success. 


Last Friday, we were picked up around 9 in the morning, and we left for an undisclosed destination.

After a 1.5 hour drive we arrived in Loosdrecht. The weather had been great, but today the heavens opened up. For a moment it looked as though the planned activities had to be aborted. But the weather gods were on our side and it cleared up after an hour. 

What about Loosdrecht?

The Lakes of Loosdrecht are situated between Utrecht and Amsterdam.  It is a nature reserve, originally a peat bog that was too wet for farming. To solve the issue, canals were dug to the Vecht river of Utrecht. This way fields were created.

The peat was harvested for turf in the 16th century. In later centuries, the lower lying peat was also dug up, and slowly lakes were formed.  

Loosdrechtse Plassen (19)

Nowadays, it is a beautiful region with gigantic lakes and canals. It is a great spot to escape from modern life and completely relax.

Things to do in Loosdrecht


You can rent bikes at several places, but we discovered  Jachthaven Kortenhoef  where you can rent a Solex. This is a small electric moped, allowing you to explore the surroundings at leisure. The big advantage is that you don’t get tired.

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Loosdrechtse Plassen (18)
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Groups of 10 people or more can get a guided tour, but as we had someone with us who knew the area well, we went off on our own.


After a relaxing ride we stopped for our next activity. We parked our Solexes and boarded the beautiful river boat  La Vita è Bella  for a cruise on the Vecht. We were warmly welcomed by the captain, installed ourselves on the aft deck and the only thing we had to do was enjoy ourselves. 

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You pass by the most beautiful houses, canal boats, windmills and a breath-taking landscape. The captain pointed out some highlights and there were snacks and beverages. We didn’t need anything else. 

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Where to eat in Loosdrecht?

We stopped for lunch in the centre of the picturesque village of Vreeland. They were ready for us with a lovely lunch at Lokaal Zuid.  You can go here for a drink or a tasty snack.  Highly recommended.

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In the evening we went to Rosa’s Cantina  in Loosdrecht.  They serve handmade pizzas and delicious pasta. Our spirits were high and the other diners will not quickly forget us. But, as we have agreed, “What happens in Loosdrecht, stays in Loosdrecht!”

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Where to stay in Loosdrecht

We stayed in Fletcher Hotel in Loosdrecht.  The hotel has a great location and from the terrace you have a fantastic view over the water. The rooms were large and tidy. That we saw a mouse running through the restaurant wasn’t as good.

If you are looking to stay over more luxuriously, go to  De Nederlanden .  This hotel is nestled in an idyllic spot on the banks of the Vecht. At night you can enjoy the culinary delights of their one-Michelin-starred restaurant.

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Loosdrecht lies about half an hour from Amsterdam (read all about a citytrip to Amsterdam over here), Utrecht and Hilversum, and thus is the ideal location to explore this bit of the Netherlands. We only had one day to enjoy all the area has to offer, but it absolutely whetted our appetite.

If you like it, pinn it!

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