Croatia is a stunning country, which appeals to many people. But, here we’re going to talk about why it appeals so much to those of you that can afford to spend a month in Turks and Caicos, but opt for this gorgeous country in the Mediterannean instead. 

Don’t be fooled by its geographical location; Croatia is a country where luxury travel is extremely popular. From expensive cities and Michelin-starred restaurants, to panoramic flights and chartered yachts - here are the best ways to experience luxury Travel in Croatia!

Visit Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has a reputation for being one of Croatia’s most expensive cities. It’s also one of the most popular cities because it is absolutely gorgeous. Budget-friendly visits are possible, but only those with really deep pockets can truly enjoy their stay in this charming city. 

The city has always been popular for beautiful beaches and stunning Old Town. The Walls of Dubrovnik are something you definitely have to experience for yourself - you can climb them and walk around the town, all the while enjoying the scenic views of the city below. In the recent years, Dubrovnik has been attracting even more people, due to the fact that several episodes of Game of Thrones were filmed there

Dubrovnik is full of luxurious resorts with private beaches and exceptional views. It attracts an elite crowd, which often includes celebrities such as Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Nick Nolte and many others.

This city also has some of the best restaurants on Croatia’s coastline. Restaurant 360 is a Michelin-starred locale, with delicious food and premium wines. Pair those with an enchanting view of the city, and you have yourself a magical 5-star experience. 



Zagreb During Christmas

Zagreb is not necessarily a ridiculously expensive city. The capital of the country is actually pretty affordable throughout the year, but accommodation prices skyrocket in December. 

And that’s because of the Christmas Market - Zagreb has one of the most stunning Advents in entire Europe. It is well worth it to visit the city in December, and enjoy mulled wine, ice skating rinks, exquisite city decorations and go shopping on Ilica - the longest and busiest shopping street in the city. 

Cruise Around On A Yacht

Luxury travel doesn’t necessarily have to include staying on dry land. Instead, you could charter a yacht, and cruise around the Croatian seaside for however long you like. 

This is one of the best ways to explore the stunning Croatian islands, as it gives you the ultimate freedom. You can visit whichever town you want and explore the smaller islands which can only be reached by boat.  If you are limited in time, you must definitely visit Korcula Island.

Cruising around on a yacht is extremely popular with the rich and famous. Just last year, Vibrant Curiosity - the superyacht owned by German billionaire Richard Würth - docked in Lumbarda, a small town on Korcula island. It’s a luxury not many people can afford, and a unique way of experiencing the Adriatic coast. 

Superyacht In Korcula

Visit The Town Of Korcula

Korcula island is one of the most popular and most beautiful islands in the country. And the main attraction on the island is the town of Korcula, which is the rumoured birthplace of Marco Polo. 

The town capitalized on that rumour a while ago, and you can shop all sorts of Marco Polo souvenirs there, as well as visit the Marco Polo museum. 

Korcula is also one of the more expensive cities in the country. Especially during peak season; the prices in the bars and restaurants in the Old Town skyrocket as soon as there’s a hint of summer in the air. Therefore, a dinner in one of the restaurants near the city walls is a luxurious experience not everyone can afford. 

You can enjoy some delicious meals local wines, while admiring the views of the neighbouring Peljesac peninsula. You can also shop for all sorts of jewelry in Korcula Old Town - Red Corals are particularly popular there!

Korcula Town

Sky Tour Of The Adriatic Coast

Experiencing Croatia from far above is one way of enjoying your trip. Panoramic flights are the most popular in the Zadar County area, and that’s exactly what we recommend. 

You can admire the stunning city of Zadar from the air, and also fly above Šibenik, Krka National Park and Kornati National Park. And while Krka is best explored on foot, the view of Kornati from the air is a breathtaking sight not many people get the opportunity to experience. 


Panoramic Flight

Vacation On Hvar Island

Just like Dubrovnik, Hvar is a city that attracts lots of celebrities. Which makes perfect sense; it is a really stunning city, with plenty of luxurious resorts. The city appeals to both the young and the old, and it has something to offer to everyone, regardless of their age. 

From the gorgeous Old Town, to the best nightlife on any Croatian island. And many breathtaking beaches that are hidden away in secluded coves. These are only reachable by boat - definitely something that should be on your list if you’re planning to charter a boat. They are some of the most beautiful beaches, not just in the country, but on the entire continent. 

One of the hottest clubs on the island is Carpe Diem. It is a very fancy club, where you can order a bottle of wine that costs 120,000 Euros. Now that’s a luxurious experience not many people can brag about!


Hvar Island (1)

Rent A Luxurious Villa

It’s no secret that private accommodation in Croatia has been getting more expensive each year. But we’re not talking about just any expensive apartment; we’re thinking of secluded villas with pools, hot tubs, private beaches and more bathrooms than you can count. 

Those are a common occurence on Croatian islands, particularly on Korcula island. If you’re looking for a relaxing luxurious vacation, you can rent the villa where Ludacris stayed this summer. It was fancy enough for the rapper, so we’re definitely calling Villa Diamond an exquisite luxurious experience. 

And that’s certainly not the only one. There’s no shortage of fancy pool villas on Croatian islands, so the only thing you need to figure out is where exactly would you like to stay. Perhaps somewhere north in the Istria region, closer to Opatija and Pula? Or would you like to stay south, maybe on the Island of Hvar or Mljet? 

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