Tel Aviv is a melting pot of many cultures and has the Jewish faith at its centre. Culinary specialities from all over the world ensure that Tel Aviv is a paradise for food lovers. And to make it even better, Tel Aviv lies on the coast, so they serve the most wonderful fish dishes. Here are a few of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Food in Tel Aviv

They love their food in Tel Aviv. Whether you’re on the beach or in a night club, good food is part of the experience. Most restaurants are open until at least 11 o’clock at night, as the people of Tel Aviv eat all day. They love their vegetables and dishes such as hummus and falafel. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

Coffee in Tel Aviv

They also love coffee in Tel Aviv. There are plenty of coffee shops and smaller kiosks where you can buy a nice cup of coffee. And they also enjoy their sweets, so add some cake to your order.

Breakfast in Tel Aviv

In contrast to Belgium, you can order breakfast all day in Tel Aviv. A typical Israeli breakfast includes salad, hummus, bread, and eggs, but also fruit and yogurt.

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Lunch en dinner in Tel Aviv

Having food is important in Tel Aviv. It boasts a cosmopolitan kitchen. The original Israeli kitchen is very seasonal, and uses lots of vegetables. Most restaurants in Tel Aviv serve Israeli cuisine with Mediterranean, African, or Eastern influences.

The best restaurants in Tel Aviv

During your Tel Aviv citytrip you have to try these restaurants:

Vicky Cristina  

This tapas & wine bar is located in the old train station in the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood. The restaurant is great for an intimate dinner for two, but it can also accommodate large groups.

Vicky Cristina has 2 distinct parts:

  • The Vicky,where they serve wonderful tapas with an Israeli twist. They refer to tapas as they are small dishes that you can share with the whole table.  Of course, they do not limit themselves to the Spanish kitchen. We tasted the most wonderful salads, ceviche, sea bass, and squid, but also juicy chicken and tasty burgers. The desserts will also make your mouth water. How about Churros with vanilla sauce and chocolate, or Crème Catalan on a crunchy base? The Vicky is definitely one of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv.
  • The Cristina , if you are not that hungry, you can take your seat on the other side of the garden in a fantastic wine bar. Besides 120 different wines they also serve sangria and other iconic drinks. Be sure to taste an Israeli wine from the Golan Heights. 
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House NO 3 

A visit to House NO3 in Jaffa will definitely be one of the highlights of your visit to Israel.

Hamudi and his wife bought this 150-year old Ottoman palace a long time ago. To cover the costs of the renovation, they decided to open up their living room and prepare food for guests. This initiative was so successful that they now belong to the top restaurants of Tel Aviv. They are able to welcome groups of over 200 people. Smaller groups can still enjoy the homely atmosphere. The warm welcome and the unsurpassed dishes made this an unforgettable culinary experience in one of the best restaurants of Tel Aviv.

On request, Hamudi and Layla can present cookery workshops, or accompany you to the market to teach you how to buy the best products.

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Claro lies in Sarona, the gastronomical area of Tel Aviv. This area has trendy shops that sell local specialities, and the best Israeli chefs have a restaurant here. The 19th-century Templar cellars are now home to hip underground wine bars.

Claro is located in an old building, completely covered in ivy, and decorated warmly. Chef Ran Shmueli has earned his stripes in the kitchen over the past 25 years. He serves delicious dishes from Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Libanon with a Mediterranean twist.

From Farm to Table is not just an empty promise here. Shmueli only uses regional, seasonal ingredients. This means that there the menu includes a lot of fruit and vegetables, and it changes nearly every day. The squid, pasta, salads, and meat tasted beautiful, but the dessert beats everything. Even just thinking about the millefeuille with toffee sauce makes my mouth water. This is the best dessert I have ever tasted. Another fantastic dish was the bread pudding with crème brulee, fresh fruit, and sour cream.

If you do not have time for lunch, just pop in for a coffee with dessert in the afternoon. This is my personal top restaurant in Tel Aviv.

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Sarona market

If you are a bit peckish or you need a quick lunch, you can visit this food market. It boasts a large selection of delicatessen, bars, and restaurants to provide you with a quick bite.

The 18 restaurants serve dishes from all over the world.

And be sure to visit Vom Fass. They bottle the best olive oil, vinegar, and liqueurs in the shop.

Sarona Market Tel Aviv
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Messa is a stylish restaurant in Tel Aviv. Everything is white, and the enormous chandeliers give it that special touch.
The restaurant opened its doors in 2004, and has been one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv and Israel ever since. Condé Nast Traveller included Messa in its list of best and trendiest restaurants in the world. Its patrons include many politicians, artists, and celebrities. The chef, Aviv Moshe, started his career as army cook.

The starters were served in the middle of the table to allow you to taste a bit of everything. The shawarma, tuna sashimi, and beef carpaccio were heavenly. My beef fillet was overcooked, but the caramelised salmon and the ravioli were fantastic apparently.

You can wind down in the bar after lunch.

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Tips from other travellers

A fellow gourmand was in Tel Aviv before. He tested a lot of restaurants and he includes the below establishments in his list of Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Santa Katarina

This restaurant lies on the beach, and is therefore also specialised in fish and other seafood. Open from 9 o’clock in the morning until midnight! is located behind the large synagogue in Tel Aviv, in a Bauhaus building. Chef Tomer Agay prepares traditional dishes with a modern twist.

Manta Ray

Manta Ray lies on the beach, and is therefore also specialised in fish and other seafood. Open from 9 o’clock in the morning until midnight!


Chef Barak Yehezkli serves a surprise menu from his open kitchen. He cooks in the middle of the restaurant, and loves to talk to his guests. Certainly one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Kitchen Market

Kitchen Market is located on the top floor of the Shuk HaNamal farmer’s market in the port of Tel Aviv. One side looks out over the sea, the other over the market. You won’t get it any fresher.

Port Said

During the day you can enjoy a simple lunch at one of the picnic tables. At night it is one of the hippest spots of Tel Aviv.


Haim Cohen is one of the trendsetting chefs in Israel. He serves traditional Israeli dishes. Yaffo is definitely one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Hatraklin Meat & Wine Bistro

Hatraklin opened its doors 10 years ago. The owner, Yossi Ben-Udys was the youngest sommelier in Israel at the time. He had dreamed about opening his own restaurant from when he was young. A visit is worth it, even if it was just to see the graded building.

Ha' Achim

You will feel right at home in Ha' Achim .You will feel right at home in Ha’Achim. Fresh ingredients and a welcoming atmosphere. Be sure to taste the homemade salads and kebabs.


Zepra serves Asian dishes with a twist. Many people reckon this is the best Asian restaurant in Tel Aviv.


The best bars in Tel Aviv

If you don’t fancy returning to your hotel after dinner, spend some time in one of the best bars in Tel Aviv.

The Chapel

The Chapel is located in Jaffa, in an old church that has been transformed into a trendy bar. Expect an impressive interior, special cocktails, and loud music. The best place to party all night.

The Chappel Bar Tel Aviv

Haiku Skybar

If you are looking for a phenomenal view over Tel Aviv, you have to visit Hotel Lighthouse TLV. This Brown Group hotel has a trendy rooftop bar with a fabulous view. Be sure to arrive just before sunset and watch, with a cocktail in your hand, the sun set over the sea. And then you can enjoy a spectacular view of Tel Aviv after dark.

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So, Tel Aviv is not only about culture, it is also about delicious food in the best restaurants and bars. 

Is Tel Aviv on your bucketlist?

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The Best Restaurants In Tel Aviv