Early May it’s time for the annual weekend with my BFF Isabelle. Since it has been ages since we visited Venice (separately), it’s now time to explore it together.

As we have already seen the highlights, we went looking for a special experience.  That’s how we found Wanderjack.
Wanderjack is a new Italian tour operator. However, they describe themselves rather as "experience designers”. You don’t just book a trip with them, but they offer you an "experience." Consider visiting a Venetian gondola builder, Grappa tasting in Vicenza, skydiving over Venice ...

You choose a basic package and you can add additional "daily experiences" . On request, Wanderjack puts a whole program together for you.

Upon arrival you will receive a 'Wander Book’ that includes your personal itinerary, a local guidebook, written by Wanderjack and some free space for your own notes. 

Take a look at their site.

Venetie Wanderjack (4)

Look for the 'Jack' that suits you the most:

  • Heart Packer Jack: Always up for a quick trip, but do not want to visit the most obvious 'attractions'.
  • Family Jack: You are traveling with your children.
  • Tracker Jack: For the adventurous, sporty traveler.
  • Wise Jack: Has already seen a lot, but still eager to learn. Loves slow living and slow traveling.

Wanderjack guides you immediately to the experiences which best suits your type. How convenient is that!?

Currently there are only a limited number of places available, but the Jacks are working hard to expand the program. The experiences in Sicily look really tempting. I’ll keep them in mind for a future trip.

WanderJack invited us for a day of cycling in Venice. 

Venetie Wanderjack (3)

Our local Jack takes us along the most beautiful places off the beaten track. Along the way there is time to enjoy local wines and Venetian specialties. I'm already looking forward to it.

In the beginning of May I will let you know everything about my Venitian Experience.