In another blogpost I took you for a cycling tour in Valencia. We visited the highlights and got a good first impression of the sunny Spanish city. After some sightseeing, you need a good meal. Thank God Valencia offers many great place to eat. ofcourse we tested a few for you.


Terraza de LaLola This restaurant is located in a small alley next to the cathedral. They serve local specialties. Their paella was not really the best we tasted, but their entrees (gazpacho, delicious ham and squid) were delicious. 

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Mediterranea de Hamburguesas

Medirerranea de hamburguesas is proud to serve the best burgers in town. They are located close to Mercado Central.

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La Pepica

In this beach tent next to our hotel, they have served paella since 1898. Hemingway, the Spanish royal couple, and many celebrities have eaten here. The grilled squid at La Pepica is divine and the paella’s are nice too. 

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El Coso

Beach bar El Coso  is a few doors beyond la Pepica. I loved the Tellinas (Vongole) a la Plancha.

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Arroceria Duna

Arroceria Duna is a quarter of a mile outside the city at the beach. It is beautifully decorated and you have a magnificent view. The cargo ships, lying here on the coast, look like they came out of a fairytale. The paella is delicious.

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From Restaurant Panorama you have views over the beach and the harbor. Around there are terraces, but you can enjoy the view from the inside too thanks to the glass walls. Here the opinions were divided. Most of us found this to be the best restaurant we visited but others were disappointed. The smoked sardines, tuna & avocado tartare and the Arroz de Marisco are delicious. 

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Not to be missed in Valencia

In addition, you have not been to Valencia if you have not tasted the following things:

  • Ice cream: Near the cathedral is Gelateries Artesanes Llinares. They serve the best ice cream in Valencia.
  • Roll with delicious Spanish ham: Just before the cathedral you pass a shop that sells great ones.
  • Horchata (or orxata in Valencian): These milky drinks are sold in small stalls that you see everywhere in the city. It is a drink made of earthnuts, water, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon peel. I did not like it, but the rest of our company found it delicious.
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Some facts

  • On Sundays, many restaurants are closed.
  • On Monday, many museums and churches are closed.

We were there three full days and that's just enough to do the highlights. I will definitely come back to explore the city.

Have you been to Valencia yet and do you have any tips? Then share them in the comments below.


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