Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland, it also happens to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Given how large Zurich is, there's a multitude of attractions and activities available for tourists; we’ve narrowed that list down to the top 12 things. 

When people conjure up an image of Zurich they think of delicious chocolates, luxury shopping, and unrelenting beauty. What many don’t think about is the number of attractions and activities that Zurich has to offer. 
Zurich is known for its amazing museums, world-renowned architecture, and luxurious art galleries. On the flip side of this, Zurich also has several hiking trails, lakes to swim in, and zoos to tour. 
The perfect destination for singles, honeymooners, and families! Keep reading to see our list of the best activities and sights in Zurich.

12 Things to do in Zurich 


1. Zurich’s Old Town

Old Town houses some of Zurich’s most famous museums, such as the Museum of Art and the Swiss National Museum. This area of the city is lined with cobblestones that lead you through tall colorful buildings, beautiful museums, and quirky restaurants. 
People enjoy visiting this area for its historic charm, delicious food, and cute stores. It’s also a great place to spend the day; filled with great drinks, food, attractions, and historic sights.
Old Town Zurich
Afbeelding van Jörg Vieli via Pixabay

2. Lake Zurich

This beautiful lake is a wondrous sight to behold; a sort of banana-shaped water body, Lake Zurich is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Many people venture out here for peace and relaxation. 
Some choose to run along the water, while others enjoy boat trips through the lake. If you’re looking to go for a run along the water, be sure to check out this guide for cold weather running. 
Lake Zurich
Afbeelding van Julian Hacker via Pixabay

3. Rapperswil Rose Gardens

At the eastern tip of Lake Zurich, you’ll find Rapperswil Rose Gardens, commonly referred to as Rose Town. This is a beautiful garden filled with almost 20,000 rose bushes in full bloom! 
There are also several swimming areas around here, there’s a family-fun water park close by; the world-famous Lindt Chocolate Factory is not too far from here either.
TIP: Many tourists choose to visit Rose Town and then take a tour of the Lindt Chocolate Factory right after.
Rapperswil Zurich
Afbeelding van suju-foto via Pixabay

4. Swiss National Museum

For history and museum lovers, this is the perfect destination. The Swiss National Museum houses the largest collection of historical artifacts that Switzerland has to offer. 
The museum does an excellent job of guiding you through the country’s culture and history, so you get a real sense of Switzerland and its values. The museum holds a variety of artifacts, ranging from wooden images, pottery, and prehistoric tools.

5. Zurich Zoo

This is for all the animal-lovers and families with young children! The Zurich Zoo treats its animals with the utmost love, respect, and ethics. The animals are enclosed in such a way that they have all the freedom and space to move around. 
The zoo hosts an impressive 4,000 animals representing almost 400 different species. You’ll find elephants, penguins, lions, and more. There’s even a petting zoo to enjoy!

6. Great Minster Church

This beautiful church is talked about and respected all over the world. Legend states that this church sits upon the graves of Regula and Felix, the city’s patron saints. 
The history and religious associations with this church make it a prime destination for tourists. The church is also unbelievably beautiful, adorned with bronze doors and stained-glass windows.
Great Minster Church
Afbeelding van anncapictures via Pixabay

7. Sweet Zurich Tour

Famous for the creamiest, most indulgent chocolates; your trip to Zurich would be incomplete without a tour of their world-famous chocolates. The Sweet Zurich Tour is an excursion that lasts nearly 3 hours and takes you through the city to a variety of specialty chocolate shops. 
At each shop, you’ll get the chance to sample the goods, which range from hot chocolate, truffles, and gourmet chocolate bars. This tour is perfect for those with a sweet tooth!
Best Things To Do In Zurich
Afbeelding van pasja1000 via Pixabay

8. Uetliberg Mountain

This gorgeous mountain stands at almost 3,000 feet above sea level. The Uetliberg Mountain has an amazing view of the city, as well as the surrounding Swiss Alps. 
A perfect attraction for those seeking some adventure; travelers will discover several trails for sledding, biking, and hiking at the top of this mountain. 
Before visiting Uetliberg Mountain make sure you have the correct hiking and biking gear, you can find some great sunglasses, helmets, and hoodies here.

9. Lindenhof Park

If you’re looking to relax after a long day or are looking for the perfect spot for a family picnic, then look no further! Lindenhof Park is covered in Linden trees and massive chess sets. It’s the perfect hangout spot for families and tourists looking to relax on a spring/summer day. 
Lindenhof Park Zurich

10. FIFA World Football Museum

For the football and soccer fans out there, this is the perfect destination for you! This museum is run by FIFA and celebrates the history and heritage of football. 
There are a number of tours you can take through the facility; some are guided, some are themed. There’s also a number of activities and exhibits available for patrons. Be sure to check this out if you’re a football fan!

11. Museum of Art

For all the art fanatics, this is the spot for you. The Museum of Art hosts both modern arts, as well as art that dates back to the 1600s. 
There are a number of special exhibitions that run throughout the year, specifically emphasizing Swiss art. Some of the most famous artists that have their work showcased at the Museum of Art include Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, and Edvard Munch. 

12. Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich is a beautiful garden that has over 6,000 different plant species. The garden also boasts a pond, a large meadow, and a group of ‘bubble’ greenhouses. The wildlife here is a must-see!



As you can see from this list, Zurich is the perfect destination for your next holiday! Filled with art, history, glamour, shopping, and beauty; Zurich has something for everyone. 

The city is a perfect mix of Old Town fun and modern beauty, with a backdrop of the Swiss Alps. This is a must-see destination, so book your trip now! 

What is your favourite thing to do in Zurich?

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12 Things To Do In Zurich