Travel is all about exploring the wilderness and traversing through the unknown. If you’re a travel enthusiast who likes to unveil the secrets of nature, then you must go on a road trip. Such getaways offer the much-needed adrenaline rush and satiate the wanderlust within. Also, you get the opportunity to meet new people and develop meaningful connections throughout the globe. One of the best places to travel by car is the vast coastline of Canada. From the Cabot trail’s natural aesthetics to the marvelous fauna across the sky highway, you must cover it all up. 

Here are the top road trips in Canada that every traveler must try at least once. 

Canada Road Trips

1. The Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail Canada
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Here’s the best road trip destination in the country that offers scenic views and enchanting vibes. The Cabot Trail is a 300-kilometer long highway that connects both the coastline as well as city roads. Also, the stretch begins with the breath-taking views of the sea-shore and turquoise waters. The island of Cape Breton is worth exploring due to its unique biodiversity and attractive spots. In case you’re fond of hiking, make sure to try out skyline trail hiking. 

Pack the essentials and grab the Best Cannabis Oils in Canada to beat travel fatigueAlso, embark upon the journey towards Acadian hospitality and satisfy your road trip desires in one go. You can stop by one of the fishing villages to do some kayaking and catch unique fishes.

2. The Sea to Sky Highway

Another trail in Canada popular for road trips is the sea to sky highway. The trail connects the city of Vancouver to the streets of Whistler. Also, you get to gaze at the views of the West coast on your way. With the sea right by your side and beautiful clouds above, the road trip is a must-try. You can stop by the Shannon waterfalls for a quiet and relaxing time. Other than this, Whytecliff Park and The Britannia Mine Museum are also quite famous in this route. 

If you’re fond of the waters, you must try the sea to sky gondola amidst the tranquil waters. Make sure to head out for the road trip with your partner to unwind from the mundane routine. The popular attractions by the coastline are likely to gratify your senses on the journey

3. Montreal to the Gaspé Peninsula

Montreal To The Gaspe Peninsula Canada
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For all the travelers who adore natural aesthetics and water bodies, the trail connecting Montreal to the Gaspé Peninsula is the right choice. You can take a break from the hectic schedule and relax on the attractive Gaspe peninsula’s journey. Also, the trail takes you to La Gaspésie peninsula, filled with rich flora and fauna. From the gorgeous pine trees to the high-rise cliffs topped with snow, you get to explore it all. Some popular attractions to consider are pieced rock in Perce, and some scenic boat rides at Bonaventure Island.  
Before heading out, make sure to prepare a list of the popular attractions on the way. You can make a day-wise itinerary as well to cover up maximum spots. Not only will the trip allow you to experience rural culture at its best, but it also provides a scenic view of city life. 

4. The Okanagan Valley

If you’re looking out for a destination by the sea-shore, then you can try the road trip to The Okanagan Valley. The spot is likely to gratify the wanderlust within every traveler out there. With the lush-green wineries and farm-to-table restaurants, you get the perfect appeal of the countryside. What adds to the enchanting vibes is the stunning view of Okanagan Lake. Start the journey from the scenic lake and travel down to the Penticton region. Further, explore the place and head straight to Kelowna for the perfect country experience. 
Some wineries that you must not miss are Summerhill Pyramid Winery and Mission Hill Winery. You can book a wine tour in the valley before heading out for maximum fun. Not to forget, the wine tours acquaint you with the traditional wine-making procedures and attractive vineyards. 

5. Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Canada
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Here’s the destination that provides the perfect view of the snow-capped mountains and moraines. You must plan a road trip to the aesthetic and beautiful Vancouver Island. Also, try to cover up the famous attractions like Victoria and Tofino on the way. The sommeliers can head straight to the Cowichan Valley for a delicious wine tasting tour. Further, gaze at the lush-green forests in Cathedral Grove and embrace the natural vibes. The trail offers many attractive spots to unwind and relax on your way. In the end, you can sit by the sea-shore at Chesterman Beach and grab your favorite drink. Book your accommodation at the beachside beforehand to get the best deals. 

Final Verdict

Are you looking forward to a road trip but unable to decide the ideal destination? Canada offers the best trails to unwind and rejuvenate your mind. You can consider the popular road trip trail, i.e., The Cabot trail, for a relaxing journey. Also, the natural aesthetics of Okanagan Valley are a must-try by all the travel freaks out there. In case you wish to experience a holistic and complete road trip, try the trail towards Vancouver island. Not only will it provide you the countryside experiences, but it also offers a chance to gaze at the turquoise waters. Pack your bags and head out to beat the work stress with your favorite road trip trail. 

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5 Canada Road Trips