Luxury is an emotion. Wherever you go and whatever you see, luxury comes from within. The world is full of countless places that are rich in one way or the other. You will be astounded when you see how unique some destinations are and how well they treat tourists. 

For example, the underwater restaurants in the Maldives have no other match for elegance. The sunset tower hotel in Hong Kong can make anyone feel like the king of the world. No matter how towering or grounded the places are, it is you who can feel its luxury inside. Not plenty but a few, our globe has some old and new luxurious destinations worth paying a visit. 

Follow this stunning travel piece till the end, and discover seven of them right away! 

7 Most Luxurious Travel Destinations In The World
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7 Most Luxurious Travel Destinations in the World

1. Lavish Las Vegas

No list of the top luxurious destinations on earth can be complete without Las Vegas on it. The glamourous American town is home to the world's biggest and most expensive casinos. A flower in the desert, Vegas is a tourist charm since its establishment to date. It boasts the most glorifying hotels, sensational spas, and fascinating live shows. From concerts to operas, there's room for every luxury of the globe in Las Vegas. The hospitality industry’s global leader claims itself ‘The Entertainment Capital of The World,’ too! This metropolitan has everything from gambling, designer shopping, multi-cuisine dining, and nightlife to justify its nickname - The Sin City. 


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2. Posh Paris

Paris has its hands involved both in carving history and shaping the new world. The dignity of its monuments is intact, while the beauty of the modern Eiffel Tower takes millions of hearts away. Whether it is Parisian boutiques, posh cathedrals, royal castles, romantic cafes, divine boulevards, artistic enclaves, or exquisite restaurants, Paris never fails to entice travelers. With the best concierge services globally, the city of lights attracts around 30 million tourists each year. On top of all of these, the finest luxury lies in Parisian fashion. Dress like a celeb in the origin of style and feel its utmost royalness! 

Paris 2
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3. Dainty Dubai

Everything has to be in Dubai, either the tallest building in the world or the highest roof terrace bar. It sounds like Dubai is competing with itself to bag all the biggest, largest, highest, heaviest, and most expensive things in the world. Dubai is the mecca for all those travelers who have a pool of excess money to spend on luxury. You can book the costliest hotel suite in The Palm Atlantis ($20,000 per night), get a 24-carat gold spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray’s spa, eat the highest-priced brunch at Imperium restaurant, or sip the most pricey cocktail at Skyview Bar, all in Dubai. Dubai's economy is money-centered, and its entire travel industry is luxury-oriented!


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4. Lustrous London

The Thames is the cradle, and The London city is swinging on its arms! The inventor of butler service, London also offers the finest and costliest culinary experiences in the world. There are multiple regal hotels in London to choose from.  The Langham, Corinthia, or  Andaz Liverpool Street signifies the status of its visitors. Anything that Romans find or build portrays luxury, and London is one of them. Pubs, clubs, cafes, bars, and theatres, London holds all that it takes to lure rich travelers. Be there and feel its luxury on your own!


London 2
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5. Nifty New York

NYC was a hub for tourists, artists, and business people in earlier days. The town now represents America as mighty as its dollar. New York City packs millions of bucks every year from its international tourist visit. Where a sundae and a steak costs you $1,000 (BDW the same would be your hotel rent), why wouldn't it be amid the most luxurious destinations to visit in the world? By day, NYC becomes an exaggerated energetic neighborhood, and by night, local pride, tourists, and citizens flock in to add a charm to its extravagant nightlife. 

New York
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6. Incredible Italy

You would wonder why herds of people visit Florence, Naples, Rome, and Venice despite Italy being on the list of luxury travel spots. The reason? Not the entire Italy falls under the affordable trip destination category. Tuscany tops here when it comes to finding richness in Italy. Tuscany is an opulent Italian region that welcomes wealthy travelers with wide arms and warm greetings. Most of its mansions are now turned to elegant villas to offer pricey European staycation foreigners want! 

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7. Fabulous French Polynesia

Tahiti isn’t for budget-friendly nomads, of course, because it nestles secluded and priced sky-high. The overwater bungalows are for nabobs to relax, and diamond-like shining waters are for billionaires to snorkel. The best French Polynesian luxury lies in its cruises - a perfect match for honeymooners, newlyweds, and luxury travelers!

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Bigger is not always better, or higher is not always the harder, agreed. But some of these luxurious destinations in the world make a statement here. If you have your pockets filled with pennies and luxury is what you are looking for on your next trip, fly to any of these cities. We guarantee that you will not regret your bills even for once!

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7 Most Luxurious Travel Destinations In The World