Often, you think of world-class cuisine and diverse culture when you think of Italy. However, it also has plenty of gorgeous hiking trails that adventure lovers would want to experience.

If you’re one of them, here are eight of the best hiking trails in Italy that you should explore.

8 Best Hikes in Italy

1. Tre Cime di Lavaredo

If you’re in Italy and want to go on an easy and kid-friendly hiking trip, you should consider hiking the Tre Cime di Lavaredo trail.

This particular hiking trail in Italy gets its name from the three sandstone monoliths you can see from the hiking trail.

The best time to fully enjoy this hike would be sometime between July to September. This circular track shouldn’t take you more than four hours to finish as it’s about 10.3 km in length or 6.4 miles.

You would want to hike this particular trail during the summer because the wildflowers flourish during this time of the year.

Tre cime di lavaredo

2. Lago di Carezza

Another part of the famous Dolomites in Italy would be the gorgeous and breathtaking Lago di Carezza. It’s another beautiful trail that you wouldn’t want to miss and should bring your camera along with you. That’s how beautiful it is.

The centerpiece of the hiking trail is Carezza Lake. The hike isn’t particularly tough and not that long, either at around 3.5 km or 2.2 miles. Finishing the entire course will only take you two hours.

With the deep, emerald tint of the Carezza Lake, the verdant green of the forest, and the rough, grey mountains in the back, all three are a sight to behold and make it one of the best hikes in Italy.

best hikes in Italy

3. Sentiero Degli Dei

Sentiero Degli Dei is a fantastic hiking trail off the Amalfi Coast that translates to the Path of the Gods.

The Path of the Gods requires no godly strength for you to pass through it in peace. It’s of moderate difficulty, so if you are an experienced hiker, it will be a breeze. If you’re reasonably fit, it should go over fine as well.

The Sentiero Degli Dei has plenty of views of the sea, and yet you won’t get sick of it, but you will also stop by plenty of coastal villages along the way.

The best times to visit Sentiero Degli Dei would be from April to June or September to October. That way, you get a good balance of not too many people along the hike and getting to see the trail in its most beautiful form.

Spring is charming, with all the blooming wildflowers along the way.

Hiking In Italy
Photo by Nadia H. on Unsplash

4. Cinque Terre

Another hiking trail along the coastline is the Cinque Terre or the Blue Trail. It is named as such because of the blue Ligurian Sea.

However, this trail isn’t only famous for having the sea along with you for the entire hike. It’s also that because of the colorful and beautiful villages and towns along the way.

Overall, the hike would take you around five hours to finish. But you should account for more time if you’re going to take your sweet time when you get to each town.

Cinque Terre
Afbeelding van Kookay via Pixabay

5. Selvaggio Blu

If you want a stricter hiking trail, Selvaggio Blu or Wild Blue is the hike for you. Selvaggio Blue is excellent for expert hikers and mountaineers because you’re going to find yourself with little footing for a lot of it.

You’ll get isolated views and a wild environment that few have been able to see. Therefore, if you finish the hike, you’ll get bragging rights.

6. Stromboli

The entirety of Europe only has one permanently active volcano, and that is in Stromboli Island. Exciting news, though, is that you can hike up the Stromboli volcano if you want.

If you ever brave the summit of Stromboli, you should stay awhile and wait so you might get a chance to see some more minor eruptions from the volcano. You can also admire the sunset atop the volcano if you want. One of the most exciting hikes in Italy.

Afbeelding van ivo_m_g via Pixabay

7. Lago di Braies

If you want to see a place that looks like it should be on a postcard, you should hike the Lago di Braies. It’s another iconic and popular place in the Italian Dolomites.

You can stop by the boathouse or go a bit deeper to get more isolated views of the lake, plus the dolomites and the green trees. It’s an easy hike, too, so even if you’re with people with no hiking experience, it should go swimmingly.

Lago di Braies
Photo by Erik Rosner on Unsplash

8. Corno Grande

Corno Grande, also known as the Big Horn, is the highest peak around the Apennine mountain range and the Italian Peninsula. It's one of the best hikes in Italy for experienced hikers.

When walking around the area, one thing to look for would be the many herbs and wildflowers you can see in the area. Aside from that, you can catch glimpses of wild horses roaming around.

If you want to get up the Corno Grande, make sure to bring a rain jacket and a hat if it rains while you are hiking. Sturdy walking shoes are also important. Since this hiking trail is particularly tough, beginner hikers should not try and tackle this hike. There will be steep sections throughout the course, so that’s where hiking poles will be crucial.

From lakeside mountain views to smoky active volcanoes, there are plenty of exciting landscapes to behold in Italy. Next time you go to Italy, try these hiking trails and the beloved Italian cuisine to get a fulfilling trip.

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Best Hikes In Italy