If you are still looking for a nice holiday destination for the month of April, then Asia has plenty of opportunities.


China is a gigantic country, so it is impossible to visit the whole country in one trip in the dry season. April is the perfect time to visit Central (Lanhzou), East (Shanghai) and Northeast (Beijing) of the country. During the day the temperatures are pleasant, but in the evening it cools down considerably. I think that’s perfect  because I do not like to walk around sweaty all day long.

Chinese Muur


I added The Philippines recently to my bucketlist as I see so many pictures of the most beautiful beaches, impressive waterfalls and tropical vegetation everywhere. Moreover, you can swim with whale sharks in different places and that is high on my bucket list. In April it is cool and dry. From June to October is the rainy season and there are regular typhoons.



Japan has extreme climates from subarctic to subtropical. In April the weather is especially pleasant in the middle and south. Perfect for a citytrip to Tokyo. With 38 million inhabitants it’s the biggest city in the world.  If I go to Tokyo I want to stay in a so called ‘Capsule hotel’.  You sleep in a kind of space capsule with room for a bed and a TV.  They invented these kind of hotels because of the lack of space.

If you want to see the cherry blossoms, you have to wait untill the month of May.



Kyrgyzstan is gaining in popularity and that is not difficult if you know that the country has almost 250 days of sunshine. In the winter it can be extremely cold here and in the summer it is hot. April is therefore a perfect month to explore this relatively unknown area. Explore the capital Bishkek, go hiking through the Tiensjand mountains or follow a section of the ancient Silk Road.

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In April you escape the rain and the extremely cold temperatures. Explore Kathmandu, fly over Mount Everest (if you do not have the ambition to climb it), visit the place where  Buddha  died or witness a cremation in Pashupatinat.

Nepal 2


Singapore has a very stable climate. It is always hot (+/- 30 degrees) and humid. However, April is one of the driest months. Perfect for a city trip or a stopover during your trip to another Asian destination. I myself am a big fan of this green metropole.  Read this blogpost for a 2 day itinerary in Singapore

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Sri Lanka

The period March / April is the only time in which it is dry in almost all of Sri Lanka. Visit the old capital Kandy, climb the 220 meters high Sigiriya rock, visit the national parks to enjoy nature and wildlife and end on one of the sandy white tropical beaches.

Sri Lanka


April is the dry season and moreoverer it is not too hot. Perfect for a tour through the middle of Thailand or for a city trip to Bangkok, the most visited city in the world. Soon you will read more about this city as I am leaving for this vibrant city on April 10th.


Asia has so many nice things to offer in April.  Where are you going?

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