My old backpack, after years of loyal service, needed to be replaced. Coincidentally I was contacted by the people at CabinZero with the request to test one of their backpacks.

It was difficult to choose between all the amazing bags they offer. They have 2 lines, classic and vintage. Also in terms of size there is a bag for every occasion (22 liters, 28 liters, 36 liters and 44 liters). In the end I opted for the Travel Classic Navy Flags of 44 liters.


Cabinzero Backpack (4)

 Inside he has a number of side pockets and there is also a handy compartment at the front. Perfect for storing your travel documents or other (flat) items that you often need

Cabinzero Backpack (2)

Thanks to the 2 wide, adjustable straps, you can adjust it perfectly so that it is very comfortable to wear as a backpack. However, he also has a handle to carry it as a bag.

The bag can be fully zipped open like a suitcase. Super convenient to pack.

Cabinzero Inner

The zippers are top quality and the bag is made of very strong waterproof polyester.

CabinZero gives you a 10 year warranty. If you liked them on Facebook, they even increase that to 25 years. That says enough about the quality.

The dimensions of the 44 liter backpack are 51 x 36 x 19 cm. So you can take in with you on your flight as carry on luggage. My son took him last week at forest classes and he is big enough to pack everything for a week.



Cabinzero Backpack (5)

I took him to Bangkok as hand luggage but for me it was a bit too big.  But now I have a good excuse to order a smaller model.

Extra plus: my sons thought he was so cool that they fought  who could carry the bag!

Cabinzero Backpack (3)

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