For some Cedar City may be thought of only as a perfect pit-stop enroute to Las Vegas or Salt Lake City, but it would make a perfect final stop for not only your next vacation, but tradition. 

Cedar City is the college town of less than 32,000 residents but nearly 120,000 patrons visit the Utah Shakespeare Festival each year to take part in the plays and atmosphere. Many families choose to return year after year, generation after generation. Some would write this off after remembering their experience with the Bard in their school days however The Utah Shakespeare Festival (USF) is not that. Each year they showcase not only Shakespeare’s works but also incorporate musicals, tragedies, and comedies both classic and modern into their repertoire. They produce “The Greenshow”, a free interactive event each night before the main performance to entertain the entire family and ignite a passion for theater. The town embraces the festival with posters peeking out of most store windows, but promotion isn’t all you can expect from Main Street. Drenched in charm you can stroll down the statue-lined street to visit local shops or fill up at restaurants. 

Cedar Breaks

The area around the city has charms that predate any human habitation; just a short drive out of town you can take in the magnificence of Cedar Breaks with is expansive red rock vistas and bristlecone pine trees--the longest living single organism

Cedar Breaks 2

Mammoth Cave

Just next door to Cedar is Dixie National Forest with the serene Navajo Lake where fishers, campers, and day visitors can find a break from the commercial world. There are many options in this national park to drive, fourwheel, ski, snowmobile. One of the adventures in the National Forest is Mammoth Cave. This is the perfect activity for the family; it’s short enough that kids can participate, and still entertains the adults. It’s a cave with a short walk that starts with bends and small climbs through rocks that stand several feet high. Directly after the cave opens up into a great nature made lobby where one can take a fun family picture together. The end of the cave is a fun site to see.

Mammoth Cave

Cascade Falls

Another adventure that is favorite to many is Cascade Falls. This short trail offers one of the most miraculous vistas in the southwest.

In addition to the unprecedented picturesque view, the trail is just long enough to make it a perfect adventure for the kids. In the distance one can see the tips of peaks from Zions National Park. For those both acquainted and not with the red orange sand of southern Utah coupled with the green scenery, it is sure to amaze all who visit. scenery, it is sure to amaze all who visit. At the end of the trail there is a waterfall whose water contrasts beautifully with the red rock landscape. For those comfortable with a bit more adventure, they have the option to climb into waterfall (depending on how strong the stream is) which reveals a tall narrow cave


Cascade Falls (1)

Kanarraville Falls hike

About 15 minutes north of Cedar City, you can go on the scenic Kanarraville Falls hike, a mile in you will encounter a slot canyon--make sure to wear water shoes as you will need to get wet to continue on. Climb up ladders and even slide down a rock waterslide as you continue up the canyon.

Where to stay in Cedar City?

Now that you have a solid itinerary for a week of family fun, save the headache that sifting through accomodations can be. If you’re looking for affordable hotels in Cedar City, look into the Abbey Inn. They are a great hotel that takes pride in being affordable luxury. One of the selling points of the hotel is that they have a large in door swimming pool to shield you from the scorching summer sun. The pool room has plenty of natural light as well to add to the ambience. Their balanced continental breakfast is another consideration to keep in mind for families on vacation.


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Cedar City