Do you know this feeling? You are on a plane for hours and finally you are falling asleep.  A few minutes later you wake up because your head is spinning in every direction and your neck hurts like hell.  I don’t know about you, but I hate it. There is no way to find a comfortable sleeping position in a plane, car, bus,…..  Well, I have some good news for you because the solution will be launched October 24th 2017.

An unusual sleep tool for an unusually good sleep. 


Mon Pere Sleeping Pillow (4)

The invention

Sylvain is a massage therapist and kinesiotherapist who used to travel the world with his wife and daughters.  One day they were on a roadtrip in Hawaii and his daugher was feeling sleepy.  Since no neck support was working, he decided to use his hand.  But driving and holding someone’s head in a car (or plane), is nearly impossible.  He decided it was enough. No more donut pillow, no more soreness while travelling.  He would invent a pillow that really supports the head while keeping it in it’s axis.  This way it would allow everybody to sleep comfortably and adapt to any sleeping position.  So Sylvain got back home and started crafting a tool that would be as comfortable as usefull. 2 years and multiple prototypes later, he came up with a unique and weird solution that gives everyone the support that we need for a good rest.  Even his most important customer, his daughter, was satisfied.


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Mon Pere Sleeping Pillow (2)

Mon Père

So, here we are, a tool inspired by a lovely dad holding his daughter’s head during a wonderful trip in Hawaii.   Recreating what we usually do naturally (holding our head with our hands).  

MonPère uses the natural pressure points to create resistance. This makes us wake up feeling rested, not like you just got run over by a truck. It’s also suitable for children and adults. Just reshape the adjustable hands and fingers to support any body size in any seat. This pattented design supports your upper body in your most comfortable position for an unparalleled headrest.


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How is it different?

It’s linear shape and multiple fingers allows every user, to find the right sleeping position. By simply wrapping one hand of MonPère around the body or the back of the seat and bend the other end into a secure position for the head to relax your muscles and to provide space for the nerves to avoid creating compression. 

Hold on tight, a new breed of sleep tool is coming. For 90 CAD (about 62 euro)  the early adopters will get to try and love the MonPère before everyone else. On top of that they get between 25 - 40% off.  The promotion on Kickstarter will be live on October 24, 2017 at 6PM Eastern Time . Get yours at MonPère.


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Mon Pere