A few years ago, before my blog, I made a city trip to Rome with my BFF. We found an offer for Hotel Fontana. It was a great discovery!  Last week, a colleague surprised his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary with a romantic trip to Rome. On my advice he booked a room at Hotel Fontana and he was very enthusiastic.  So it’s time to share that address with you.

Hotel Fontana is not to be found in some hidden alley, but just in front of the Trevi Fountain. During the day, it’s super busy, but I assume you are not in your hotel.

Book a room at the front and wait until you go to bed at night. Open your room shutters and enjoy undisturbed views of this uber-romantic fountain. There is nobody around the fountain and it is beautifully lit. Truly a top moment.

Tiny detail: every night they come with a gigantic vacuumcleaner to get all the money out of the fountain and that's a bit noisy.  All the money that comes out of the fountain goes a a shelter for the homeless.  So at least your money goes to a good cause.


About hotel Fontana

The hotel is housed in a 17th century former monastery. Okay, the rooms are small but the view is amazing. In addition, they are charmingly decorated and everything is very neat. Also the bathroom is small, but nothing is lacking.

Hotel Fontana 1
Hotel Fontana

Another top is the roof terrace. In the morning you will enjoy breakfast at a tiny table overlooking the city while listening to the Trevi Fountain.

In the evening you can book a table for a romantic dinner.  After dinner the bartender serves you the most delicious cocktails.

Hotel Fontana Rome Rooftopterrace


From the airport, the Leonardo express take you to Rome in 15 minutes.  A ticket costs you 14 euro. From here you can reach the hotel in 10 minutes. Barberini Metro Station (line A) is a 5-minute walk away.

The main sights are to be found in a 2-km radius. On the map below, I dotted a 11-km walk that takes you along the following sights:


  1. Spanish stops
  2. Villa Borghese
  3. Piazza del Popolo
  4. Piazza Navona
  5. Pantheon
  6. Forum Romanum
  7. Circus Maximus
  8. Colloseum

For Vatican City, you need to go further. I would take either a bus or taxi because it is three kilometers from the hotel.

You need al least 3 days to visit Rome as it has so much to offer.  Follow this 3-day itinerary for ancient Rome.


For good food you do not have to walk far.

  • La Cantina Romana is a very cozy restaurant in a small alley. In nice weather there is a small terrace in front, but inside it is also very charming to sit.
  • Obica Campo dei Fiori is an authentic mozarella bar. 

Both retaurants are within walking distance of the hotel.

La Cantina Romana 2 2
La Cantina Romana

I never go to the same hotel twice, but for hotel Fontana I want to make an exception. 

You know what they say, all roads lead to Rome!  In case you are looking for more information, check out Blonde Around the World.

And if you want to stay in another part of town, here's a great local's guide to the best areas.

Do you know other hidden gems in Rome? Please share them below.

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